Biden/Warren? So What?

Joe Biden comes out and says this week that a) he’d be a GREAT president. And b) he would have had Elizabeth “call me an Indian…wait….don’t…wait…do” Warren as his vice presidential running mate.

And the world yawned.

It was little more than an after-thought in the news around the world. After all, Smilin’ Joe had his chance and he decided not to take up the challenge because as he put it, “the window of opportunity has shut”. And he was right then when he said it.

I know Biden still thinks he can swoop in and claim the Democrats’ mantle for the nomination if need be. I don’t see that happening unless the FBI comes in with a referral before the Philadelphia convention, and it is extremely damaging to Hillary. If it forces her out of the race, which frankly, I can’t see unless those super-delegates peel away from her like they did eight years ago, then maybe…just maybe the Dems might be looking for a white knight. But beyond that, I doubt it. They cast their lot four years ago when Hillary stepped down as Secretary of State so she could concentrate on putting together her coronation. And unfortunately, Bernie Sanders showed up to allow the world to see the Queen isn’t wearing any clothes. OK…mixed metaphor….sorry. But the whole point is, Sanders is unelectable, and the Democrats know it. He won’t get much more than a prime-time speaking spot in July. He won’t shove the party further left. In fact, it’ll have to come a ways more back to the center in order to be electable (think of Tea Party in reverse). And that probably won’t happen this year.

Joe Biden would have been the electable Democrat this year had he chose to get in. He would have ultimately defeated Hillary because he’s a much better candidate than she is. He could have held his ground, giving Sanders the extreme left wing while he took the moderates, leaving Hillary out to twist in the wind. But he chose not to do it. And to come to the world now and tell us how great you’d have been as president, and how Elizabeth “I’m still an Indian” Warren would have been as his Veep running mate doesn’t matter. That’s like me saying I would have been a terrific replacement for Jason Thompson on the Detroit Tigers’ team at first base when the Tigers lost him to Pittsburgh! Wouldda, couldda, shouldda. It counts for nothing in politics, just like it counts for nothing in real life. Move on with YOUR life Joe. Think about life after politics!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Biden/Warren? So What?

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    A bit late, for Biden. Common sense should have made him the #1 pick of the DNC, however such is not the case. It is an eleventh hour scramble, as Hillary is facing something that could possibly be titled as Treason. A much better pick for a DNC ticket could have been Biden-Manchin, as Warren might appeal to women but is too emotional/hysterics. This is one bizzare presidential election cycle. Biden remains too attached to Obama’s policies to win. He should have shifted gears late last year. Now his clutch is slipping.

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