Why Bother?

It was discovered this week that a Hillary Clinton PAC is spending $1 million per WEEK on a “troll campaign”. It’s being done by “Correct The Record”, and they are going out to social media, and trolling around trying to find anything that Bernie Sanders’ supporters may be saying that’s negative about Hillary. This is in response to Sanders’ supporters really starting to nail Clinton on a lot of different scandals and topics (like there’s any shortfall of that?). It’s called Barrier Breakers 2016, and aims at all social media places like Facebook, Twitter, et al. to combat all the negativity going on with Hillary.

A million a week? Really? Wow! Think of the hungry people around the country that could be fed with that money. Think of the school aged kids that are going to school hungry, or that don’t have the proper education to get that boost because the NEA and the AFT are screwing up the education system! Think of what that money could do to help bring down the cost of healthcare that the government is now unconstitutionally spending on Obamacare over-reaches. That’s a pretty sizable chunk of change there, Hillary!

And my over-riding question to all of this is “WHY?” Why in God’s name do you give a rat’s ass what Bernie Sanders’ supporters have to say about you anyway? You’re on your way to winning the Democrats’ nomination. By my account, I have you wrapping it up on June 7th. Then you can dodge and dip your away around the all-important FBI Primary to the convention in Philadelphia where Bernie has his last stand. But in the mean-time…why in hell do you care what Bernie Sanders’ supporters think? They don’t matter anyway because you’ve beaten them. It’s just like why would Donald Trump care what Jeb Bush thinks? He’s a loser and doesn’t matter!

The answer is simple really. Hillary knows that she is headed for an onslaught like she’s never seen. This fall is going to be downright vicious. She has so many bags that are going to be TSA’d that she needs to start doing something. This group isn’t there to put down Bernie Sanders’ supporters. This group is in training to deal with Donald Trump. Because Hillary knows there are going to be literally thousands of different items that Republicans can throw at her. Some will stick, most probably won’t. But she has seen how Trump has waded his way through a pretty decent Republican field and vanquished them all. She’s worried it’ll happen to her because she’s carrying more luggage this time around than anyone, even Trump.

And that is the REAL reason why Bernie Sanders’ supporters are getting nailed online. It’s not because of them. Hillary knows 25-35% of them will stay home this election cycle and she has no chance of re-uniting her own party. It’s because she’s got to keep from losing the 25% of Democrats that have already said in poll after poll that they are going to be moving over to Trump this year on top of the 25-35% of people staying at home. AND she’s got to win over some huge majority of independents…most of whom (75% according to the latest Quinnipiac poll) don’t like her, don’t trust her, and can’t believe a word she says. No…Hillary is trying offense. Defense won’t work against Trump!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. I read about the setup of the online battlers to knock down truths about the queen of lies it is a lot of money for sure and I eel it is not going to help her. the whole effort shows us she knows she is screwed!

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