Dems Facing Major Upheaval

Just a couple of weeks ago, when it became apparent that Donald Trump would become the nominee of the Republican party for president this year, everyone was saying how fractured the GOP was. Everyone discounted Trump’s chances to win, and basically said he had such a mountainous climb ahead of him just to bring the right wing of the party back in line, it probably wouldn’t happen. Oh, how things change.

This has been such a topsy-turvy period during this election cycle, I can’t remember one that has been as rambunctious. Even going back to 1968 on the Democrats’ side, or 1976 on the Republican’s side wasn’t like this. And what is interesting is that it may not be the Republicans needing all the rebuilding after all. The Democrats seem to have their own problems.

Let’s visit the state-wide Democrat convention in Nevada, shall we? There, speaker after speaker were shouted down by Bernie Sanders supporters who swore that state’s caucus was wrested from them by Hillary Clinton and they were damned determined to make some noise about it. Yelling “Fuck Hillary”, Sanders supporters shouted down Barbara Boxer who was trying to give a speech supporting the Arkansas Princess. It wasn’t working.

“When you’re booing me, you’re booing Bernie Sanders,” Boxer told the crowd. “You know something I grew up in Brooklyn I’m not afraid of bullies. I’m for Hillary Clinton because she’s for all of us. So keep yourselves booing and boo yourself out of the election,” the California senator added. It wasn’t clear what in hell Boxer, who has nothing to do with Nevada anyway, was doing at the Nevada convention. Oh…her words didn’t do a damn thing to quiet the crowd. And according to Sanders supporters that were there, they are going to make sure every state convention and the national convention in Philadelphia is disrupted.

So, apparently the Democrats may end up with the contested convention that won’t get anything done. I can’t imagine Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz being able to coddle together the party as split as they are. And I can’t imagine as much as Bernie’s supporters are screaming that they have 45% of the popular vote, and 7% of the Super Delegates that they are going to be behind backing Hillary much either. In fact, polls by both NBC News and Quinnipiac University have suggested as much as 30% of the Democrats are either going to sit this one out, or switch parties and vote Republican and Donald Trump this year. Only about 22% of the GOP feel that way. That’s enough of a swing to hand the White House back to the GOP.

So, I haven’t put away my popcorn popper just yet. Instead, I may have to put up with a week of watching liberal idiots try and convince mind-numbed zombies that Hillary Clinton is actually more than a pathological liar and unindicted co-conspirator of killing a US Ambassador (which I believe brings the death penalty!). I still say, hang on…it’s going to be a raucous summer!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Dems Facing Major Upheaval

  1. Well Desert, as usual you take one incident and extrapolate it into some sort of major crisis. Yea, Nevada is representative of not only the Democratic Party but the whole United States. Actually only in the minds of obtuse conservatives.
    I think more important is the Il Duce/Eddie Munster meeting on Thursday where Eddie said in substance that he is still not endorsing Il Duce but somehow on the path. sort of like Il Duce’s path to releasing his tax return(s), which now he will not do. Not exactly a man of his word and what is he hiding? The word around the campfire is that Eddie had to explain the articles of the Constitution and the powers contained therein because Il Duce does not crap about it. Don’t you believe this is just a touch outrageous that the Republican nominee needs this type of remedial education? Then there are the people Il Duce brought in to make sense of his tax policy, which appears to change by the hour. Yes, he brought in Larry Kudlow from CNBC, a mook who is a graduate of the Dick Morris/Rick Santelli School of Prognostication meaning he never gets anything correct and your good buddy, Stephen Moore to make sense of his stark ravings, good luck with that. Oh yes, Stephen Moore does not get anything correct either, remember that rampant inflation thing? His national security advisors are a piece of work also, look them up.
    Speaking of people complicit in the deaths of American diplomatic officials, I guess this means that Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice can join Hillary on the gallows for seven murdered on their watch during the Bush Administration or was it Obama’s fault because he was in the Senate part of the time. Remember the Congressional hearing on those incidents? Me neither because there were not any. Republicans are just soooooo full of crap. Since you seem to have amnesia on this and Benghazi, the Republican House has already produced a report absolving Hillary in this. I’m not sure when Deliverance banjo boy Trey Goudy is going to produce his report because he has been at it for two years and said himself nothing new was learned. Welcome to Salem 1692.

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