Obama’s Bad Week

America held its breath almost eight years ago when Bobo Obama was elected. After all, he promised hope and change. Well, we’re still “hoping” that his term ends without much further damage to the country. We now know this is what happens when you let little boys do a man’s job! As far as “change” is concerned…he fulfilled that promise. Your paycheck has been reduced from something normal sized to pocket change. It was reported this past week that the “middle class” (and I don’t know who defines that) was slipping away. There is now the largest gap in history between rich and middle class. And it happened during the Obama administration.

It hasn’t been a good week for Obama. He learned that his deputy national security guy, Ben Rhodes was out telling everybody how he spun and lied about the Iranian Nuclear Arms Deal, just to get it done as a legacy item. Of course, we all KNEW it at the time…I mentioned it here in this blog that was the only reason it was being done. But the Obama administration promised us, pleaded with us, begged us to believe that it was the best deal they could come up with, even after swearing up and down that a) they would walk away from a bad deal and b) Ben Rhodes said unequivocally that we would have “anywhere/anytime” inspections. Yeah…that never was intended to happen. Now, I’m not saying that this type of “spin” doesn’t happen with other administrations. I’m saying most aren’t as stupid as Rhodes in the fact that he didn’t even wait…during an election year, to say it. Most smart administrations wait until after they’ve left office before they start with the truth. He was too stupid for that. Typical liberal.

It wasn’t a good week for Obama because we learned that the Obama administration has been spending money on Obamacare illegally. It was found that moving money from other departments to Obamacare which has been done since day one, and making payments to insurance companies that had lost money (which was against the law passed last year by Congress and signed by the president) has been determined to be unconstitutional. Of course, White House puppy dog, Josh Earnest has come out and said that the administration believes (that’s the key word here) that they have done everything legally. Just like they’ve done everything legally the 31 times the Supreme Court has slapped them down on a 9-0 vote, INCLUDING two justices that Obama himself appointed. No…Obama hasn’t had a good week.

No, it wasn’t a good week for Obama as state after state has decided to do to him what they did to him with immigration and slap a lawsuit on him to stop this idiotic federal boycott of spending on states that want to determine their own “bathroom laws”. Now, any first year constitutional scholar will tell you that the federal government’s duties are outlined very clearly in the constitution. Anything not listed there is deemed to be an issue for the states to decide. And, this one will follow the same path as the immigration misstep that Obama took a year ago. He will be slapped down on it. Of course, it won’t get to the Supreme Court for their final slap-down until after he leaves office.

Bad week for Obama…but there is sunshine ahead for him. It’s called January 21st, 2017. When we all can celebrate freedom from idiocy!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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