Could The “Super Delegates” Kill Hillary?

The big reason Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders right now is the fact that she has about 93% of the so-called Super Delegates wrapped up. These are basically the people from each state that are unpledged and can vote the way they want. But there is another, more select group of delegates that is giving Hillary and her staff fits right about now. They are called PLEO’s (Party Leaders and Elected Officials).

Why are they giving Hillary’s staff fits? Simple. There are a total of about ten thousand people that have worked hard to make sure Hillary gets the nomination, and want more than anything to be there when that happens. These include big donors, union leaders, mayors, governors, party leaders at the local and state level, and of course all of the elected Democrats throughout the country. The problem is, for every single Super Delegate that gets the call, about fifty have to be left at home. And that is causing a lot of ill will. Well, it should. These folks have bled for Hillary for a few years now, and they are going to be left out in the cold. Hillary is going to need their support, both in terms of dollars and the voters they hold in their circle of influence, this fall. And how are they going to feel after going to the mat for her this past primary season only to get shut out? Yup…they’re going to feel some big dog just crapped all over them. And some of them, not all, but some, will probably want to sit out this fall’s campaign because of it.

And it’s bothering the Clinton campaign. They only have so much space in Philadelphia. They have to get the elected delegates into the hall. And these Super Delegates and PLEO’s are the ones that are actually going to give Hillary the nomination. The rest of them are just plain out in the cold. Nice planning, Little Debbie!

While Bernie Sanders complains of a “rigged system” in the Democrat party (sound familiar?), he doesn’t have to worry about pleasing all of the people that have helped him because he’s pretty much shut out from this process, since all of the party elite and party establishment have stuck to Hillary from early on. And while Sanders has vowed to fight through the convention to at least get his platform through, his supporters have vowed to disrupt the convention and turn it into Chicago, 1968 when there were riots in the streets and mayor Richard Daily uttered those famous words, “The policeman is not here to create disorder…The policeman is here to preserve disorder!”

So it may be that for Democrats, the hardest ticket to get this summer isn’t a yuppie reunion tour of Woodstock performers…it may be the Democrats’ own convention gets that moniker.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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