Let’s Can The PC Chatter, Shall We?

We humans are always trying new and different things that we’re sure that are going to lead to better lives. That’s a good thing. Oh sure, we fail often because we’re not perfect. But once in a while somebody hits a home run and that’s good for everybody. But it’s time to stick a fork in Political Correctness. It’s run its course and it’s time to call it quits.

We’ve over-reached on the PC chatter until we’re numb. We now think that anyone that gets offended for any reason has cause to be listened to and have society change for. That’s just nuts. It’s time for us to put the toys away and become adults again, people. This crap about being offended or afraid to offend someone is just a bunch of garbage. There’s no need to continue giving out “participation trophies” in Little League. There’s no need to de-gender every job title. There’s no need to try and make everyone feel “special”. Get on with life and get over it already.

Some idiot liberal (and there are a lot of them, admittedly) decided a while back that we just couldn’t live with that fact that some people in this world aren’t as good as others at certain tasks. So rather than say, “Hey, you may not be good at basketball, but damn, you’re a brilliant mathematician!” we close our minds to the fact that little Jimmy’s math skills aren’t the problem. The problem is too many others are good at basketball, so we have to dumb those people down to Jimmy’s level. As far as his math skills are concerned, little Bobby isn’t as good at math as Jimmy is, so to make Bobby feel better about himself, we’re going to start something called “Common Core”, which is nothing more than a really crappy way to make everybody feel good.

The problem in this world that liberals can’t and won’t understand is, not everybody is good at everything. We all have gifts and we just need to find out what our gifts are and how best to use them. But that doesn’t mean that we have to screw the rest of the world because you can’t write as well as I can, or you are better at geometry than me. Accept your gift, use it to better mankind…and forget it if you aren’t going to be a Little League star. Get on with your life!

When liberals start in, there is no end to it. Someone is always trying to expand on their original idea until you reach the point of absurdity. That’s liberalism. They don’t know when to stop and it doesn’t matter if you succeed or not because that’s not the important thing. It’s whether you actually tried. That is what you get credit for in their rose-colored world. And that’s NOT real life. Sometimes you fail. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you’re good at stuff and sometimes you suck at stuff. Liberals seem to suck at trying to think we’re all good (or can be) at everything. Liberals want to believe that if you throw enough governmental money at it, you can solve every problem. Liberals don’t understand that they are actually the problem in this country and they need to realize we’re not giving them participation trophies to screw up the country even further. No debate, the science is settled…no need to comment. This one is over!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Can The PC Chatter, Shall We?

  1. Well Desert, I actually agree with you, the participation trophies were nonsense.

    Back in the day when I had my one year in Little League, which was a bigger scam than Drumpf’s tax policy, where we were told that EVERY KID gets to play two in every game. In reality that turned out to be a load of crap, mostly because I was not really friends (read not Catholic) with the coaches kids on the team. Consequently, I did not get to play and I received my first taste of favoritism in life that would carry through high school. I was relegated to riding the bench for most of the season until the coach said I could throw batting practice late in the season when we practiced. Well, I know an opportunity when I see one as everyone forgot I was left handed. I played a lot of catch with my friend Little Dave (he is actually 6’2” now and called that to distinguish us as he was 2 years younger) and developed an hellaious curve ball for a eleven year old. Now neither the coach nor the other players knew I could throw this, so the first practice I pitched, I struck my fellow players out. Obviously, they were pissed complaining that I should throw something they can hit. My response was if you cannot hit a nobody like me who isn’t worth anything, what are you going to do in a game when someone else throws a curve? So one of the coach’s kids steps in and says he can hit anything I can throw. Now this guy had been bullying me since I was six and it was payback time, so I reared back to a person who was expecting a curve and caught a fastball in the face, lots of blood. Coach was pissed and asked me why I hit him and said I was experimenting with a change up and it got away. Practice ended, went home and told Mom expecting the coach to call and drone on about medical bills and such. Mom asked if it was deliberate, I said no and she knew I was lying but said nothing. Dad got up (worked nights), Mom told what happened and he asked me if I did it on purpose, I said yes because I saw as the only way I could get in a game by taking the coach’s son out for awhile. Dad was a stern individual and didn’t smile a lot but I did detect a slight smile on him. Yeah the coach called about medical bills and such and Dad said he wasn’t paying anything because it was an accident.

    Evidently there was some sort of awards banquet that I was not invited to (we won our division) and the coach’s wife dropped my trophy off giving to Mom. Still have it and have a slight smile every time I look at it. The neighborhood bullies never bothered me again after that. Just thought you would like a good story from my youth and a participation trophy I actually earned the hard way.

    Yes, liberals are the cause every thing bad in the world. Conservatives are nothing but good people as they screw teachers and education in Arizona (Prop 123), First Responders (Prop 124) and Common Core which is to raise educational standards is some sort of liberal plot. With the crappy test scores here and ranked 47th in education behind Mississippi for heaven’s sake, Arizona has nowhere to go up. Conservatives also believe that if you do not fund it, it will get better, like roads, or privatize like prisons or Medicare or Social Security things will get better. Then there is trickle down economics or whatever you are calling today, the money will eventually reach the bottom. Conservatives believe that tax for the upper class is for job creation (although none were created) is fine but tax cuts, increased Social Security benefits or some sort of bone to the middle or lower class is, GASP!, wealth redistribution. Hypocrites.

    How’s that Kansas conservative experimental crucible going? Like gangbusters I imagine and is just conservative heaven with fully funded schools, hospitals and the tax revenue is flowing like manna from heaven. Right?

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