Little Debbie On Her Way Out

So you don’t think Bernie Sanders has won anything in his presidential bid, huh? Of course, he lost Washington state the other night…and he’s going to lose the nomination. But he’s gained a lot of media attention…probably more in the last year than in his entire life put together! But he HAS gained something.

He’s forcing Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the Annie-coiffed bimbette of the Democrats to leave as head of the DNC prior to the actual DNC convention in Philadelphia this summer. Currently, Clinton-backed Democrats are huddled together in smoke-filled rooms to get a replacement to Wasserman-Schultz because they don’t think she’s the one that can bring the party together come this fall. Bernie’s supporters hate her with a passion, and most Clinton backers know that if they don’t get a vast majority of Sanders’ folks on board, they lose in the fall. As it is, even if they do, it’ll be a tightrope act.

As one DNC executive put it, “We’re meeting to discuss what color plate to deliver Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’ head on”. I think that statement says it all.

It’s not as though she’s not asked for it, and it’s not any different than the Clintons have treated their “friends” over the years. They use them and abuse them. They ride ‘em hard and put ‘em away wet. They make sure their friends always take the fall for their misdeeds. It’s their mantra, it’s their way of life, and it’s how they’ve stayed out of jail for so long. Little Debbie just happens to be the latest Clinton backer that got caught up in it all and now has to pay a price for their friendship.

Had Wasserman-Schultz been more like Reince Priebus, her counterpart over at the GOP, she probably could have kept her gig. He played the whole issue with Trump pretty much down the middle, not favoring anyone. He was even non-committal to the point where Trump thought he was against him. It turns out, he’s having a really easy time uniting what everyone thought would be the last presidential election the Republicans would see because of the divisiveness. And yet, Priebus is being hailed as a hero for helping to bring Trump more in line with the party, and the party more in line with Trump. Little Debbie hasn’t done anything but chastise and bastardize Bernie Sanders from day one. He’s been a fly at Hillary’s picnic and she hasn’t been able to swat him yet.

And her inflammatory rhetoric, which the Dems loved to no end about her early on, is what is going to be the one thing that shows her the door on the way out. She just isn’t a very good person, and it shows. The lesson for Little Debbie? You get close to the Clintons, you pay the price. Just ask Vince Foster!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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