The Obama Problem

Wow…that’s a can of worms, isn’t it? Actually, there are an awful lot of problems with this president, but for the moment, can we focus in on one of them…and that is precisely HIS problem. Focus.

Barack Obama is so concerned about things that most Americans (like 99.7%) could give a rat’s rear end about, that he loses sight as to what IS important to Americans. Let me give you an example through a question. Do you think that the White House, in its wisdom has spent more time over the last two months talking about transgendered bathrooms and how to punish states that don’t go along with Obama’s wishes, or fixing the mess with the TSA’s long lines at our nation’s airports?

And there you have the answer to the largest Obama problem of all…the man doesn’t understand America and Americans. He doesn’t have a clue what’s important to the rest of society, and therefore he wastes time dealing with things that are important only to him and a handful of people…not the millions that elected him to fix things. Obama doesn’t fix things, he regulates things. And regulations, as we’ve learned from Woodrow Wilson don’t do squat when it comes to fixing things.

Let’s go back about seven years, shall we? The country was mired in this economic malaise caused by the banking crisis and the automobile crisis, remember? And what was Obama pushing? Healthcare. He totally missed the boat on that one. Instead of getting people back to work, he got Congress to pass a three-quarters of a trillion dollar spending package that was basically a “thank you!” to his union buddies for electing him, all the while forgetting that the American people that actually elected him, were unemployed and hurting. How much did they get? Bupkis. Why? Once he got Congress to pay off the unions through his “shovel ready jobs” program (which by the way, it’s been proven has produced ONE job!), he was on to “fixing” healthcare. What he should have done was fix the economy…and that’s quite honestly what he STILL should do today. But he’s already on to other uber-leftist ideas like transgendered bathrooms and same-sex marriage and the like which effects a total of 1.6% of the population.

That has always been the problem with this president. His wishes, his dreams, his agendas have never aligned with what America sees as its most pressing issues. When we were upset over illegal immigration and wanted something done about it, what did he do? He illegally tried to give work permits to five million illegals. When we wanted to stop ISIS from advancing and growing, what did he do? He wanted the Arabs in the region to fight their own war and settle it themselves. When we felt the Syrian leader Bashar al Assad was murdering hundreds of thousands of his own people, and we should do something, what did Obama do? He drew meaningless lines in sand…lines that he later kicked clean with his foot.

His problem? He needs Ritalin in the worst way.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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