What Democrats Say About Hillary

The Washington Post did a really interesting article. You’ve heard me expound on what I thought Hillary Clinton’s weaknesses are, well, The Post did the same thing. And they were many. And they came not from conservatives, but from Hillary’s own camp. Let’s explore, shall we?

The things that came out of the article weren’t really surprising. They were things that I’ve been saying for over a year now. Hillary Clinton is not well liked by people in general because she does not like people in general. That was probably one of the biggest things that the Democrats surveyed said. And they sighed when they said it, knowing that it’s the absolute lowest hurdle to cross when you’re a political candidate. Granted, the Republicans are putting someone up against her with as low if not lower likeability numbers than she’s got, but Donald Trump has several things going for him that Hillary doesn’t.

Hillary’s second biggest problem? Her honesty and trustworthiness. She’s been caught in so many lies, so many nuanced distortions of the truth, so many out and out falsehoods (like her FBI investigation is just a “security inquiry”), that the public has turned a deaf ear to whatever she is saying. That’s not usually a smart thing to have happen when you’re running for office and trying to convince people that you’re the one for the job. Nobody believes you, and that is what is happening with Hillary. Democrats that were cited in the article note that isn’t something that’s likely to turn around (neither is the likeability) any time soon. Hillary is viewed as an unlikeable liar. And while the Democrats think she can beat Trump, they also say in the same breath she has so many negatives that she could indeed lose and lose big time to him.

Democrats say that her ties to the Clinton Foundation will hurt her especially with the latest revelation that it was doing things that weren’t so philanthropic. Giving money to blonde bombshells to start businesses or paying them for sex isn’t exactly what it was set up for. Or, maybe, knowing Bill Clinton, that’s exactly what it was set up for! It’s going to hurt her. Her email scandal is going to hurt her, as is her time as Secretary of State. Benghazi is going to hurt her foreign policy initiatives as is Libya, and she is actually going to have to take heat on Gaddafi’s ouster and ultimate demise.

One of the things the Democrats said that was rather surprising was that Hillary is just a weak candidate. Not only is she unimaginative, uninspiring, and boring to listen to, but her campaign style is very mundane and conventional in a very unconventional year when the unconventional and non-establishment candidates are ousting the establishment.

Make no mistake, Hillary does have strengths. She strong-willed, and she is a fighter. But most Democrats that were interviewed view those as check boxes, and not as something strong enough to get her to the White House. Sounds to me like they’re worried about their “only choice” for president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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