What Would Bill Do?

Think back to 1992 (if you were alive then) for a moment. Remember when Bill & Hillary Clinton were running for the co-presidency? Remember when Hillary told 60 Minutes that if you “elect Bill you get me too!”? She’s trying the same thing again 24 years later. And my hunch is it will have the same disastrous results this year that it did then.

If you don’t recall what happened back then, let me refresh your memory. After the election, Bill decided that we needed to overhaul the whole healthcare system…actually, it was the same money grab and redistribution of wealth that Obama foisted upon an unsuspecting public at the beginning of term. Bill put Hillary in charge of it. It was called “Hillary care” if you remember, and it was even more leftist, even more socialist, even more wrong than Obamacare has turned out to be. Try as she might, with a Democrat majority in both houses, it failed miserably. The country, even Democrats, saw it as the boondoggle it would later become.

Now, almost a quarter of a century later, the rolls are reversed. Hillary Clinton says that if you elect her as president, you’re going to get Bill to “fix the economy”. Well, that’s funny on two accounts. First of all, I thought according to Obama that the economy was already fixed and humming along nicely. Isn’t that what he’s saying? Second, the reason Hillary says that was because she says that Bill fixed the economy in the 90’s. Whoops. Faux pas, Hillary. Bill didn’t fix anything.

Let’s review the 90’s for a moment shall we? It was a really robust time in the economy for the most part. The problem was the government didn’t have anything to do with the robust economy. In fact, Bill Clinton, when he was president signed into law what was then the largest tax increase in history. And in spite of that nonsense, the economy grew. Why? Because it was the era of the Dot Com. That’s right, the internet was ablaze. Chelsea Clinton could have been in charge of the economy in the 1990’s and made money. The fact of the matter is, you would have had to have had Barrack Obama-like economic failures of policy in order to bring the Dot Com Boom to a close (which Bill Clinton did at the end of his term). So, we’re going to trust a doddering old, sexual predator with fixing an economy that his own party (and his wife) had a lot to do with breaking, right?

Let’s do something else for a change. Instead of actually proving the old adage, “If you keep repeating history and expect different results, you’ve stumbled on to the definition of insanity”, let’s try putting someone who’s actually DONE something with their life, and made money for companies in charge. Let’s see what they can do. Hell, if we put Hillary in charge, what will happen is, more people will end up dead. Do we really want that?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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