Ready For Hillary?

It’s not really apparent as I write this early on Wednesday morning who actually did win Kentucky last night in the Democrats’ primary. I know Hillary SAYS she won, but she also SAYS the FBI investigation is nothing more than a “security inquiry”, which we all know now is a bunch of hooey. So, as I sip my morning coffee, and look at the returns, I have to wonder just how much mojo Clinton is going to have going into June 7th. That’s a pretty damn big day for the Dems. And while I’m like 99.9% sure Bernie is actually burned, not “Berned” and won’t be the nominee…and that he believes it too, I’m also 99.9% sure Hillary isn’t ready to be the nominee either.

And just by eking out a win in a state where she campaigned heavily and Bernie didn’t doesn’t show me a whole lot. It shows me that she could win a state by a quarter of a million votes less than she got eight years ago when she kicked Obama’s ass from Frankfort to Falls Of Rough (yeah…that’s a place…look it up). It shows me exactly what I’ve said here for the past year. Hillary Clinton is an uber-weak candidate. Democrats are really feeling that and are starting to worry whether or not she has the mojo to go to November and at least make it close.

Sanders didn’t roll over and die in Kentucky…and he did crush Clinton in Oregon, which her campaign basically conceded to him. The real battle is going to come. There are basically four more dates for the Democrats and primaries. The next one is June 4th when the Virgin Islands votes. The next day it’s Puerto Rico. Then on June 7th is Super-Duper-Trooper-Scooper Tuesday when California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota all vote. That’s worth 806 delegates alone! Finally on the 14th of June, Washington DC will wrap things up…and it should be decided by that time.

The mere fact that this “coronation” has to wait until the next to the last Tuesday of the primary season to actually occur, with a promised floor fight at the convention, is stunning. I mean, I thought Hillary Clinton was going to be coroneted as Queen of the World…not Queen of the Democrats! Why is it taking so long? There are two reasons.

First is nobody likes Hillary. She is a pathological liar and she is not to be trusted. Second, she’s an extremely poor politician. The mere fact she’s taking a seventy-something guy to the next to the last day of the primaries before putting him away says it all. She’s a terrible candidate, forget about all of the baggage she carries around with her. And she comes up with scatter-brained ideas, like making Bill her Vice President. I think she’s been watching too many House of Cards episodes! It doesn’t happen in real life because of the fact, he cannot serve as president, so why make him vice president, a heartbeat away? Another stupid move designed to get the Democrats all fired up. Bill is much more likely to be brought up on statutory rape charges than he is to accept the Democrats’ nomination for Vice President.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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