Want To Know What Could Happen?

So, Hillary Clinton SAYS she eked out a win in Kentucky last night. Just like she SAYS the FBI is doing a “security inquiry”. And she got her pant-suited ass handed to her in Oregon. And it ain’t over. Hillary’s not singing yet. Er…sorry. That should have read The Fat Lady. Damn self-correction mode! Anyway, even though the Arkansas Princess hasn’t locked anything down yet, let’s just assume she’s going to be the nominee. Want to know what’s going on in Washington in the mean time?

I about fell off my chair when I saw this. Republicans and Democrats are actually working together. Oh, not on a budget. And they aren’t working on eliminating the federal debt. And forget about immigration, Social Security reform, or getting rid of Obamacare. No, they are laser-focused on upending the election cycle and showing Americans of all parties that THEY control the elections…not us! And apparently, they don’t want either Hillary Clinton OR Donald Trump to run the country. Here’s what’s going down.

They are getting PAC money together to start something called, “None of the Above”. They then strategically target certain states that are up for grabs. They go into those states, advertise heavily that voters who don’t like either Hillary or Donald vote for “None of the Above” (and of course, they put that on the presidential ballot). Then Bernie Sanders’ supporters, and Ted Cruz supporters jump on that bandwagon and “None of the Above” ends up winning the state and winning the electoral votes. The whole idea is that no one (at least not Hillary or Donald) get to 270 electoral votes and they can’t win the election. What happens then you ask?

Glad you asked. The fight gets thrown to the House of Representatives. And yes, Virginia, it HAS happened. The last time was 1824. John Quincy Adams lost in the electoral math battle to Andrew Jackson, with William Crawford and Henry Clay also receiving a couple of votes. So, Adams and Jackson squared off in the House of Representatives. Actually it was just as close there. It came down to the New York delegation and they were tied. One man was certain he was going to vote for Jackson, had been lobbied extremely hard to go with Adams. He thought he’d let providence choose for him. He closed his eyes and prayed and when he opened them, he saw a ticket on the floor that read “John Quincy Adams”. He picked up the ticket, walked to the ballot box and cast it.

So, what happens this year? Well, all sorts of deals will have to be made. Obviously the type of candidate the GOP and the Dems want will be markedly different, so they will have to compromise, and obviously the GOP runs the house. But at least the “establishment” will get the say who is elected president…and it doesn’t have to be either of the two candidates that failed to reach 270! They can select their own candidate and that person can actually win the election. Talk about your constitutional floozy!

The big question now is, will it play itself out? There’s about 35% of Sanders’ supporters who say they won’t back Hillary. There are about 27% of the GOP right wing that say they won’t back Donald. That’s a lot of votes, and if the states are played right, it COULD happen. The question is, “Will it happen?”

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!