Iran Nuclear Deal Officially A Bust

Sometimes when things don’t work out the way you think they should, you need to sit back and have patience. That’s what is happening with one of the worst foreign policy blunders in world history…in fact, probably the second worst (next to Chamberlin giving Czechoslovakia to Hitler!). It’s happening with the Iran Nuclear Deal. Apparently the world forgot that the United States has laws that have to be followed, and John Kerry in his infantile wisdom forgot that just because he is Secretary of State, he couldn’t void those laws.

What’s happened is that yes, some Iranian products that weren’t available in this country prior to the deal, are indeed able to make it through customs. But that $100 Billion that Iran was supposed to tap? Well, they’ve violated UN sanctions with their ballistic missile tests, and so the banks that are holding that Petro-money isn’t releasing it because they could be fined by the UN if they do. And what about Europe? Remember all of the money that was going to flood Iran when Europe started to do business with them? Some of that is happening, but not a lot. Oh, the arms deals from Russia are getting through, but the trade? Not so much because of the same rules from the UN. Businesses are wary that if they start doing business in Iran and violate the terms of the UN sanctions that are in place, they could be fined out of existence.

Meanwhile, John Kerry is telling the world the US is committed to the accord that he negotiated. But it will take an act of congress to change the banking laws, and the UN needs to relax its non-nuclear sanctions prior to businesses rushing in to the Peacock Empire. Apparently none of that is on the horizon. So, Iran is threatening to sue the United States for $50 Billion because of the false deal that we signed with them. Of course, Bobo Obama and John “I Served In Vietnam” Kerry have bent over backwards trying to assure the Iranian regime that all will work itself out. Unless of course, Hillary loses the election in November. Then all bets are off and Iran could find itself back in financial hardship without that US money. That’s primarily because all of the GOP candidates, including Donald Trump, have said they’d scrap the Iran Nuclear Deal. Since it was never passed as a treaty, because that would have required a senate approval that never would have happened, the next president can void the deal with the stroke of a pen.

No, it appears that like Obama’s greatest domestic legacy item, Obamacare, his greatest foreign policy item, the Iran Nuclear Deal is also unraveling before he even leaves office. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t think things through clearly and you waste America’s resources trying to do things that aren’t good for this country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Iran Nuclear Deal Officially A Bust

  1. Well Desert, you seem to have a problem differentiating UN rules from the Iran Nuclear Agreement. the missiles were never part of the nuclear deal, so your stretch of the agreement is unraveling is specious.

    The business deals with Europe, such as with Airbus is not like going to Walmart and buying cheap Chinese crap off the shelves. Planes are generic in the beginning, like a stripped down automobile and then the customer adds what they need. As for other business deals, which probably include Iran’s infrastructure improvements, consulting on environment, etc., these also take time, generally not as long as trying to get a infrastructure bill through a Republican controlled Congress. You were in communications, you should know this.

    As for weaponry, this is more or less of the shelf death. What is the difference between us selling our death to Saudi Arabia and Israel and the Iranians buying from the Russkies? Considering that Saudi Arabia is the biggest exporter of terrorism in the world, led by a king who has symptoms of dementia, that makes me more uncomfortable than Iran.

    One other thing, the demented king of Saudi Arabia talked about selling their U. S. Treasury holdings, allegedly to somehow tank our economy. I recently read an article (CNBC, a noted radical left wing station) that the Sauds holding only amount to $750 million. Whether they sell, which would be to another country who would eagerly buy, or cash in, it would not harm us. Their economy is in shambles and they are running up huge deficits because of cheap oil. Ain’t karma a bitch.

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