What’s Good For The Goose…

Hillary Clinton is out screeching about how Donald Trump hasn’t released his tax returns and that she and Bill have 30 years of tax returns released! How nice for them, and I’ve uber-impressed. If only Hillary were just as open about other areas of her life, then maybe she wouldn’t have the trashiest numbers in the history of this country when it comes to believability and trust.

What I’m talking about is simple. Bernie Sanders has been asking for Clinton to release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches for months. And she refuses to do so. Well, kind of. She refuses to do so until the Republicans release THEIR transcripts of THEIR speeches to Wall Street. Except nobody is asking Republicans to do that. That would be like me asking Bobo Obama to release his schedule of playing basketball. Who the hell cares?

So, if Hillary wants Trump to release his tax returns prior to finishing his IRS audit (run by the same firm that employs John Koskinen and used to employ Lois Lerner…wonder how that’s going to turn out for Trump!), then she should be man enough to step up and release her transcripts. I put this in the “birther category”. What the hell is she trying to hide? It’s a fair question, because it’s the same question she’s asking of Trump. She wonders aloud at her campaign stops what he’s hiding in his tax returns, so I’m wondering aloud here what she is hiding in those speeches. What did she tell those Wall Street guys that you and I can’t know? Or is it all just fluff and we probably wouldn’t care anyway? Either way, we won’t know unless and until she actually releases the speeches, which if I were Trump, I’d make her do BEFORE I agreed to release any tax returns. I mean, fair IS fair, right?

Now, I’m sure there are some slug headed liberals out there that would say that tax return releases have been part of presidential elections for decades and speeches haven’t. No, but vetting a candidate has. And this is an important part of the election process because it’s part of the process that is also the history of the Clintons. If they hide something long enough, they feel you’ll lose interest and move on to something else. It’s what happened with the email scandal, and guess what? Even if the FBI doesn’t refer her (and I hear they are going to!), it won’t go away. It’ll just be added to the ever-growing list of slimy, scummy things that are all things Clinton. If it’s not a big deal, and if you’re not hiding anything then why are you hiding something? Again, it’s the same Clinton dodge that was used throughout the 90’s. And it’s the reason that Hillary belongs in jail. Oh, it won’t happen, but it should.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    Good idea. FBI can go public with allegations of Clinton Foundation involved in money laundering. That would also include the latest loudmouth Clinton, Chelsea. In fact, Trump should make a statement of how he has never committed treason and let’s hear Hillary’s rebuttal.

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