Little Debbie To Make Plea To Bernie

Poor Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Her tit is in the proverbial wringer over this whole mess with Bernie Sanders. I really have to feel for her. After all, all she wanted to do was help anoint Hillary Clinton to sainthood status or better. All she was trying to do was give the country the benefit of womanhood leadership without understand the pitfalls of putting the wrong woman in that position. And she’s paying dearly for it.

The DNC is now getting ready to offer Bernie Sanders and his supporters a deal that would include seats at the table of the rules committee and the other various “important” committees at the convention in Philadelphia at the end of July. As the convention draws nearer, and the memories of a debacle in Nevada this past weekend loom fresh on the minds of Democrats around the country, the leadership is anxious to try and fend off what happened in Nevada on a national scale. I don’t think Sanders is going to back down.

First of all, why should he? Hell, he’s been a Democrat since last year…having been an independent his whole life. Second, nobody has listened to him his entire life. He’s been this nobody from Brooklyn that had to be somebody by moving to Vermont of all places just to get noticed. And no one in the Senate gave him the time of day for the past nine years and sixteen years in the House before that! For the first time ever, he’s got the center stage and he likes the attention. He’s got millions of people listening to everything he says. He’s always been a socialist, but he’s never had this big of an audience before. And he’s going to milk it for everything its worth. I can’t say I blame him…I’d probably do the same thing.

So that leaves the DNC in a conundrum. They have someone that is supposed to be their nominee, and someone who if not a majority, certainly an awful lot of people in their party respect and admire enough to want to cause a riot if he’s not kowtowed to. And of course, the nominee to be wants nothing to do with him. She says it’s his responsibility to help “bring the party together”, as she did eight years ago. But he’s not buying that garbage.

Personally, I think Bernie Sanders won’t be happy unless and until he gets to choose the VP nominee. Oh, he doesn’t want it for himself. But he wants to choose. And we all know that’s not going to happen. So, unless he has some epiphany in the next seven weeks, expect the Democrats, not the Republicans to have the problem of “coming together and re-uniting the party”. It’s going to be interesting because Hillary Clinton is not the type of person I think of when I think of someone as a “uniter”. She’s is a divider. And so is Bernie Sanders. This is what happens when you have a “big tent” and want the world to fit in under it. Tempers flare and sometimes you’re not going to please everyone with such differing agendas. Have fun Democrats. I’m loading up on the popcorn!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Little Debbie To Make Plea To Bernie

  1. It’s great seeing Debbie trying to spin her way out of this mess. Although I would hate to see her go, in a way. She’s always wrong when she predicts victory for her side, she’s incompetent, and so easy to hate. Bernie has her by the balls and he knows it. Plenty of popcorn at my house too!

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