Scandal? Who Said Anything About A Scandal?

As I mentioned yesterday when blogging about Hillary Clinton’s asinine comment about SHE has determined that Donald Trump isn’t qualified to become president (as if the constitution mattered in the first place!), I thought about going back and let’s refresh our memories for a moment on the scandals surrounding Hillary and Bill Clinton. Now, here’s my disclaimer. Liberals will tell you that these are just “vast, right-wing conspiracies” and nobody has ever proven anything. Sounds like Bart Simpson if you ask me…anyway, here they are!

• James Blair, an attorney at Tyson Foods helps Hillary turn $1,000 into $100,000 in profit with the cattle futures investments. No wrong-doing there, right?
• Did we forget about that real estate loan to Jim & Susan McDougal better known as “Whitewater”?
• When the Clintons left the White House, they were “dead broke” by Hillary’s own admission, yet they could afford a $1.7 million house in Chappaqua, New York, and a year later they bought a seven bedroom house in Washington, DC for a cool $2.85 million. Oh. And Hillary’s Senate disclosure form? It listed their assets to be $1.8 million. That’s Arkansas math folks!
• How about Hillary running as a feminist, all the while she acted as an enabler to her husband’s sex addiction? Liberals will say of course that a) I haven’t proven that Bill has a sex addiction (you need proof??), and b) that Hillary was an enabler. Now we know where Common Core came from! I lumped all of Bill’s sexploits into one scandal…though there were lots. I don’t have enough memory in my computer to list them all…and Hillary’s bashing of the “Bimbo Eruptions” that occurred.
• Vince Foster, an attorney and advisor in the Clinton White House was found shot in Fort Marcy Park. Suicide? Murder? Well…of course the convenient story is suicide. After all, are you a right-wing conspiracy nut or what?
• Chinagate. Remember how Hillary sold influence to China for millions that mysteriously showed up in DNC coffers? When asked about it, the Clintons produced documents showing that the “donations” came from some monastery in California. Yeah…they can afford it!
• Travelgate. Hillary Clinton fired seven members of the White House Travel Office and replaced them with friends from Arkansas. And she had the former head of the Travel Office, Billy Dale investigated by the FBI and audited by the IRS for the next three years.
• Filegate. Remember Craig Livingstone? He was a White House Counsel that went through and looked into the FBI files on several hundred Republicans. Hillary backed his action saying that it was “a bureaucratic snafu”. Uh-huh.
• Lootergate. Of course, being dead broke when you leave the White House, and buying over $4.5 million in property over the next year can put a strain on anybody’s household budget. That’s why the Clintons started moving White House furniture to Chappaqua as they were getting ready to leave the White House in 2000. They got caught and put most (not all) of it back.
• Drug Dealer Scandal. Remember Jorge Cabrera? No…you probably don’t. But he made a HUGE campaign contribution to the Clintons, and got an unsupervised (meaning no Secret Service was present) visit with the Clintons in the White House. It’s easy if you’ve got the cash!
• Lincoln Bedroom Sell Off. Who can forget selling evenings in the Lincoln Bedroom for campaign contributions? Even though it’s highly illegal, the Clintons did it throughout Bill’s presidency.
• Hillary’s influence in getting foreign governments to donate to the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State. Was there any quid pro quo on that? Nah! Countries love to donate. It’s kind of like buying girls scout cookies.
• Libyan Overthrow. Yeah…it was Hillary’s plan to overthrow the government of Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi. The only problem was, she didn’t have a clue what would happen next. Chaos…that’s what happened next.
• Russian Reset. Who can forget the Obama Administration’s Russian Reset? Remember when Hillary Clinton went to Russia and met with Sergei Lavrov in 2009 and presented him with a button that said “перегрузка”, which Hillary thought was Russian for “Reset”. Actually, it’s Russian for “Overcharge”.
• Benghazi. Another Hillary Clinton example of her fine leadership. Four dead during a 9/11/12 takeover of the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, including US Ambassador Chris Stevens. And where was Hillary during all of this? We don’t know and she won’t say.
• Email Scandal. Oh, come on…do I really have to go through this one?

There are 16 major scandals. I didn’t even get into the ones that occurred where state police in Arkansas turned up dead. We’ll leave that for another time. Yeah…she’s qualified all right.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. Great post and in fact I thought you covered it all even when I misread Chinagate as Chin gate because she has a couple of those as well.

  3. Well Desert, you have me confused here as I cannot determine whether you are in the recycling business, like manure, or a Communist admirer of Papa Joe Stalin as in the Big Lie with this post. I remember some of this and spent some time digging out, you know, facts, something Drumpf seems to have an aversion. So let’s examine each of these individually and see what we have.

    Cattlegate or as I call it, know how to make a small fortune on the Chicago Board of Trade, start with a large one. Actually that is a joke I heard from an attorney in our claims department who traded commodities. Not surprisingly, you forgot one itty bitty little fact here, Diane Blair, James’ wife, was a long time friend of Hillary and this this little nugget is phrased that she made $100,000 on one trade. Not so, mon Cherie, this was result of several trades and if you know anything about futures trading, you do not have to put up a lot for a futures contract or any kind of commodities contract. Same with options. Verdict: red herring.

    The McDougal loan or as I refer to it as the same as Paul Ryan’s budget, mystery meat. Got bad news for you one this one, never happened and any written evidence, it was forged. Don’t take my word, take the word of the Jim Mc Dougal who said it never happened. Verdict: red herring.

    House purchases. they might have been dead broke when they left the White House but there is that little item of public pensions. I believe that Bill was also drawing a salary from the foundation. That would allow the purchase of the New York residence and I believe the Washington, D.C. house was purchased after she was in the Senate. As for that disclosure form, maybe you are confusing assets with net worth and also, those forms you list a range, not specific numbers. Verdict: red herring.

    Hillary as an “enabler.” This term didn’t appear until Il Duce of Orange said it. Count Donald of Retardation makes it sounds like she was a pimp in the Arkansas Mansion and the White House. Utter nonsense and you know it. You ought to do some research on Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones, Queen of power fucks. Learn something for a change. Verdict: red herring.

    Vince Foster, good God man is the vampire story of the Clinton Administration? It was a suicide bro, the FBA said so, maybe your imaginary FBI friend can confirm this. Verdict: red herring with hair on it.

    Travelgate. You may not be aware, but the people in the travel office do serve at the pleasure of the President or commonly know as employment at will or as Andrew Jackson put it, to the victor go the spoils. She did not have Billy Dale investigated by the FBI as they were on to him earlier for some shady book keeping during Reagan/ Bush years regarding charter flight proceeds. Indicted for embezzlement but later acquitted. The IRS audits were also conducted in conjunction with this and Hillary had nothing to do with it. Verdict: red herring and shoddy or nonexistent research.

    Filegate. Craig Livingston was not a White House counsel but rather in charge of security badges and passes. Nothing there as Ken Starr’s crack team of investigators found. Verdict: red herring.

    Lootergate, this is my favorite, as I would like to pose a question to you, how do steal something that belongs to you in the first place? Have the right wing make something up as is the case here. You see, what they took was furniture that was presented to them while in office. This was done with the blessing of the White House managers, you know the people in charge of the White House. you see it is only White house furniture if it can be directly connected to the White House, otherwise it is sent to storage, thrown out or given to representatives in Congress. So they did not give anything back or most all of it as who wants a gold sequined pillow chair of the Little Rock skyline. Verdict: red herring.

    Drug dealer scandal, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I do have to say a nice use of words to convey something that is not accurate. The “sizable” campaign contribution was $20,000 which is chump change by today’s standards and was not given to the Clintons but to the DNC. This got Jorge Cabrera a couple of cheesy photos. Since we are on the subject of Bolivian Marching Powder and presidential elections, how about that Romney fundraiser in 2012 with Mitt the Wallwet and Senator Ricky Richardo passing out juice at El Palacio de los Jugos in Miami owned by a convicted cocoa smuggler? Just asking. Verdict: red herring and McDonalds coffee spoons for everyone, old version.

    Lincoln Bedroom. Let’s see here, you don’t think that Saint Ronnie of Forgetfulness didn’t have a few of his fat cats over or the Smirking Chimp didn’t have a few of the good ol’ boys over milk and coolies. If you say no, you might ill informed. Verdict: red herring.

    Benghazi, or as I call it, Trey Gowdy’s continuing wet dream. Desert, the Republican’s own report on Benghazi cleared her or are they part of the right wing conspiracy? She said were she was and what she was doing. Not my fault you get your news from Fox and the Washington Examiner (does that come with a rose?).

    Have to skip a few here as I have a committee meeting tomorrow at 9 and have to get some sleep.

    Hope you enjoyed truth for a change.

    Type to you and your obtuse readership in the future.

    BTW, I think you might want to read the ENTIRE North Carolina “bathroom” law. There is a lot more there than you think. Get back to me on that. I read it this past weekend.

  4. I thought I heard Hillary say she “determined” Trump unqualified. So she determines who and who is not qualified? She is a pathetic joke. An it looks like someone is a defense lawyer that twists facts like a pretzel. Truth is not based on “because I said so”.

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