Apology Tour Or Setting History Right?

I’ll say one thing. Other than golfing a lot, Barack Obama loves to apologize for the wrongs he thinks America has committed throughout the past. That’s the way he started his presidency, and apparently, that’s the way he wants to end it.

You’ll all remember that Obama started his presidency 7 ½ years ago going to the Middle East. There, he basically bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia (protocol stipulates American presidents bow to no one!), apologized for the mess of the Arab world in Cairo, and America’s role in it through the Iraq war and messing up Afghanistan (which was messed up long before we got involved). Now, he’s at it again.

This time the target is Asia. Actually a couple of places in Asia. He’s going to Vietnam “to set the record straight and correct history” when it comes to the Vietnam War. Then he’s going to go to Japan and Hiroshima to stand in front of that bombed-out dome and tell the world that nukes never solved anything. Well, of course, they solved World War II, as fellow Democrat (and the guy that actually ACTED like a Commander In Chief) Harry Truman proved.

So, which is it, an apology tour or “setting history straight”. That’s going to depend entirely on which side of the political spectrum you’re on. But I think that it’s absolutely ironic that the president that has probably the least foreign policy experience of any president dating back to Millard Fillmore would actually want to “rewrite” history…not based on the facts, but based on his internal feelings.

Chuck Hagel, one of several Obama Secretaries of Defense was recently quoted in Politico as saying that Obama was grossly inexperienced when it came to foreign policy, but relied only on his own instincts. Oh, he’d listen to others, but his own internal instincts on how the world should be are what drove him. And here, he feels that a visit to Hanoi, and to Hiroshima and to apologize (or explain away) the actions of the United States are going to solve everything.

That’s where he’s wrong, of course. You don’t change history. I know liberals have tried thousands of times, but if it’s happened, it’s happened, and you don’t change that. What you DO change is outlook and future occurrences of events. You can hope and pray that no one ever has to use a nuclear weapon again on earth. You can explain that war is not the answer and we’d all rather have peace than protracted war (which will come from America’s longest-serving war time president). But you don’t apologize for what happened, unless you’re Germany and are talking about the Holocaust. And I have news for you. Nothing that America has done in its past is anywhere near the atrocity of the Holocaust.

So, is it an apology or setting the world straight on history? You decide…personally, whichever it is, I’d prefer it be done by someone that has a little more knowledge and a lot less “internal instincts”. But that’s what you get when you elect someone like Obama.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Apology Tour Or Setting History Right?

  1. Man, who knew having a black man as President would turn people into retarded hateful, racist, bigoted black-hating c-nts? Oh, wait. I did. I knew it.

    President Obama hasn’t apologized for anything, I mean Jesus do con memes ever take a day off? Ever?

    WW2 was 70 years ago, Vietnam was 40 years ago. We seem to have a new foe named China so it behooves us to make nice with the little countries around China so we have help in the region to keep China in check and limit their influence.

    What I find fascinating is conservatives lose their shit when president Obama just stands in a particular place. Ronald Reagan had 138 of his administration charge, indicted, or convicted of crimes while he was in office, yet cons love this criminal.

    No he’s a Christian actually. He wakes up to bible verses every day on his phone. Obama has gone to church, and there’s plenty of video evidence, you clearly didn’t research very well before letting your prejudice get the better of you.
    No it is not right Obama is not a Muslim but he is a Christian although his late father and mother were Muslims He was raised by his grand parents who were Christians in Hawaii.I think he would not be a Muslim although he respects Muslims.

    Your knowledge of law and the constitution is zero……exactly.

    He has committed no impeachable offence , it’s that simple.

    He knows how to push the boundaries of law and the constitution in order to get some things done that the Republicans would just keep blocking other wise.

    He taught constitutional law at Harvard , he is no fool.

    Stop listening to Fox news and thinking it is real fact. Just because he doesn’t do things to your liking doesn’t mean he should be impeached.

    He’s black.

    Get over it.

    • Wow! Somebody has major race issues (and it isn’t me!). I guess you need to go back to bed and try getting up on the other side before you respond to one of my blogs again!

  2. Well Desert, it is nice to see that I am not the only voice in the wilderness here. My hat off to Questionman whom ever the person is.

    Actually he speaks the truth regarding the president. Whenever he speaks on race, he is playing the race card and the ones howling the loudest are from the South. Racism is rampant in the U.S., cue Il Duce of Orange, especially among our generation (Baby Boomers). Check out the Trump rallies composition. Millennials are confused about this racism thing as well as hostility against the LGBT community. Hope springs eternal.

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