Obamacare: One Big Rate Increase!

Do you happen to remember the president back in 2009 when he was trying to sell the American people that Obamacare was the end-all, be-all in health care? Besides the now-famous lie, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, which proved in the first year of the rollout to be an utter fail, he also made some comment along the lines, and you’ll excuse me if I don’t get it exactly right… under Obamacare, the average American family will save $2,500 a year. Remember something like that? I DO remember the figure is correct though the verbiage may be a little off.

Well, guess again. Obamacare never, EVER lived up to that lie either. As we’ve learned recently from Ben Rhodes who would have said and done anything to sell the Iran Arms Deal to the public (self-admitted), the same thing apparently was true to Obamacare. Those of us that actually did the research and found Obamacare to be extremely lacking in truth found that insurance rates back in 2014 actually ROSE for the average consumer’s family. It wasn’t by $2,500…it was only a $1,400 increase…but that was $3,900 more than our Liar-In-Chief explained to us.

If that was a shock, get ready. Obamacare is going up again…and not just a little bump. It’s going up as much as 70%! Why the big increase? Well, the “reinsurance” portion of Obamacare expires this year. That’s the part that helped pay back insurance companies that experienced extreme losses because of the sickies that got on the plan. And next year, the insurance companies are on their own. Which means, they HAVE to make money (which is also why the nation’s largest insurer, United Healthcare, has decided to dump 27 of the 35 states that they are in). What has happened is that the Dems that wrote this abortion thought that after 2016, the individual market would stabilize and everybody would be in love with this cow by now. That hasn’t happened. Enrollment hasn’t come close to predictions in any year. Put those two things together, higher risk enrollees and fewer healthy, young people signing up, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster…something that I wrote about here two years ago.

Obamacare can’t sustain itself. But that’s not the dirty little secret. What the liberals that shoved this thing through in one of the most blatant partisan moves in history was that they wanted it to fail. This plan was never meant to succeed in the first place. It’s only job was to open the door for the feds to stick their big toe in. Once they did that, they could jam the door open the rest of the way and when Obamacare died, they could “save the day” by rolling out total socialized medicine with a single-payer plan that the government would run, basically taking the private insurance companies out of the game.

Translation from the paragraph above is simple. If you thought veterans were getting screwed because the government can’t run their healthcare…get ready to bend over. It’s coming for the rest of us! And now that you’re used to paying through the roof for it, you’ll be more accepting of a higher premium, AND a higher deductible.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Obamacare: One Big Rate Increase!

  1. Well Desert, not surprisingly you have really not told the whole story.

    While I agree that United has “pulled out” of a number of States, that is in relation to the State sponsored exchanges, which in Republican controlled States seem to be operated by Archie and Jughead. What you have not said is that the States they allegedly pulled out from is not exactly true. You see United is still on the .gov site. Consequently, United still offers health insurance in those States. This move expands the risk pool therefore spreading the risk.

    As for your statement that after the government “reinsurance” expires United and other insurers “are on their own” demonstrates your lack of knowledge regarding insurance and reinsurance. United as well as other insurers, both P&C and health care, are currently negotiating their respective treaties with reinsurers including stop loss coverage and “cat coverage” for 2017. These should be in place by September at the latest. Been there, done that from a facultative standpoint. Look that term up.

    While this does not fit your apocalyptic scenario, you realize that I know of what I speak.

    Have fun stormin’ the castle. Go forth and spread truth and beauty.

    • United Healthcare is removing themselves from the states NEXT year. That is not shown in the current website which has not been updated and won’t be until November 1st.

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