Email Verdict? Guilty As Charged!

The Inspector General for the State Department found yesterday that Hillary Clinton broke several federal laws in running her home brew server. In addition, he found that she did not properly preserve her emails like federal law dictates, and her actions subjected the State Department to several possible breeches in security.

Now, before my liberal friends out there get all bent out of shape thinking that this is a right-wing conspiracy hit job on this fine, upstanding lady who’s about to become Queen Of The World, let me remind you that the Inspector General was appointed by none other than Barack Obama. Yes… this was a DEMOCRAT doing the investigation. And he still found that she broke the law.

Clinton was the only Secretary of State dating back to Madeline Albright (Bill Clinton’s Sec’y of State) that refused to be interviewed by the IG for the report.

On a totally separate but actually more damning bad news, the Department of Justice gave the hacker known as “Gucifer” a reduced sentence in exchange for his upcoming testimony at a Grand Jury hearing. Gucifer was the Romanian prisoner who was in jail for hacking in that country, when he was extradited to the United States to stand trial on hacking charges. He was serving a LONG sentence in this country when DOJ decided to cut him a deal and reduce his sentence to no more than 7 years if he testified against Clinton in the Grand Jury. That makes one wonder.

My only question regarding Gucifer is, if the Department of Justice is going to play politics with this thing and let Clinton off the hook without an indictment, why are they cutting deals with people? Is it just for show? This is a very weird turn of events that totally knocked me for a loop. Earlier, they gave immunity from prosecution to Bryan Pagliano, her IT guy that maintained the server. That one I could understand because Pagliano wouldn’t say anything to anybody (including Congress) without it. But Gucifer is the guy that swore he broke into Clinton’s server not once, but twice, and found that ten other folks had hacked their way in as well, something the Clinton campaign strenuously denies. He claimed that Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China had all visited Clinton’s private server…at least that’s where the IP addresses were from.

So, what does all of this mean? Basically, that it’s another nail in Hillary’s coffin of lies and deceit. She has obviously lied about not receiving or sending classified information. There were over 2100 pieces of classified email found on that server, and not all of them were classified “after the fact”. In fact, according to those that have actually gone through the “classification training” that’s mandatory in DC, things can’t be classified after the fact. They are deemed classified upon creation, and everyone knows what is and isn’t classified…you don’t need it to be marked in a certain way to tell you. It means that yet another investigation against Hillary has said she was at fault, and this one by a Democrat, so you can forget the political angle. The result? We’ve yet to see it, but can you imagine the angst the Dems are going to have if Hillary is nominated president and then indicted for federal crimes? Well, she wanted to make history…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Email Verdict? Guilty As Charged!

  1. I thought the Inspector General for the State Dept. referred to them as “rules” rather than “laws”. However, it shouldn’t matter, they also determined had she followed the rules she would not have been given “permission” to use a personal/home server. Hillary doesn’t think laws or rules apply to her; she can do as she pleases. Its always been that way. The Inspector finally stated what we already knew.

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