DOJ Slapped For Unethical Behavior

I have never heard of Judge Andrew Hanen before, but I like the guy. He’s a federal judge from Texas, and he just slapped Department of Justice attorneys on the wrist. Actually, I think he just punched them in the face. Hanen is the guy that’s hearing the case against the Obama administration dealing with the 26 states suing it over the illegal executive order on the immigration front. Well, Hanen has been putting up with the DOJ and their lying attorneys long enough. Earlier this week, he ordered the DOJ to come to its senses.

If anybody thinks that Loretta Lynch or her predecessor, Eric Holder aren’t anything more than political hacks, they need to see what’s going on in Texas. DOJ attorneys had told Judge Hanen that the Obama administration weren’t going to process any illegal aliens and give them right-to-work cards before the judge heard the case. That turns out to be a lie. The DOJ attorneys knew that the Obama administration was already processing 100,000 applications in contempt of the judge’s order. And they had to show up in Hanen’s courtroom and tell him, “Oops. We’re sorry. The administration is thumbing its nose at you. Hanen didn’t like that.

And what was DOJ’s response to the order? “We strongly disagree with the order”. That was it? Yup. Gutless…pure gutless.

So, Hanen had the guts to do what more judges should do. He ordered the DOJ to send every lawyer in every state that is being represented in this case to ethics classes. Not just once for a few hours. Every single year for the remainder of their stead in the Justice Department. He also ordered Loretta Lynch to appoint a person to oversee this punishment. As Hanen stated in his opinion, “The misconduct in this case was intentional, serious, and material. In fact, it is hard to imagine a more serious, more calculated plan of unethical conduct. The Government’s lawyers in this case clearly have violated their ethical duties.” Read that as, “Hey assholes…just because you represent the Justice Department, you don’t have permission to lie to me when presenting your case. Your bosses may get away with it in DC, but that’s not the way I run this court!”

I wish more judges were like this guy! He demands the truth when hearing a trial. Isn’t that what “justice” is all about? Getting to the facts of the matter and deciding what was right and what was wrong? Obama, in this case was clearly wrong, and his attorneys hid the fact that he went ahead and processed illegal aliens against a court order stopping him from doing that.

Congratulations to Judge Hanen. I think the guy needs to be added to Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees. It’s time we had more honesty in the Justice Department, and it’s time to start making government accountable when they screw up. There aren’t many agencies in the federal government right now that can actually be proud of their behavior. DOJ, IRS, EPA, VA, HHS, Secret Service, Homeland Security, all a bunch of screw ups that have done more damage to the country than they are doing right. Now it’s time to pay the piper. I’d take away their budgets entirely for the next three years as punishment. And of course, fire everyone that currently works for them. The government’s too big anyway!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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