The World Against Hillary

Running for president has to be tough. You’ve got to fend off competition from everyone in your own party who thinks they’d do a better job than you. Then you’ve got to bring the people from your own party together, after months, and sometimes years of name calling and bashing the candidate they fervently supported, and get them on your side. Then you’ve got to go through the whole campaign thing again against somebody from the other side. And in the midst of all of that, you’ve got to keep your cool, you’ve got to appear presidential, and you’ve got to be a good candidate in every sense of the word.

And Hillary Clinton is finding out she’s on some island by herself. It’s just her and a few million supporters. That’s it.

The Republicans are railing about the latest findings from the State Department’s Office of Inspector General which basically laid blame for the whole email scandal at Hillary’s feet while all but indicting her on a raft of charges. The Bernie Sanders crowd are up in arms saying that there’s no way that because of that she’s qualified to be president…that they can’t nominate her because what happens IF they end up indicting her on any of this stuff. And you’ve got the few people out there that are starting to flee the Hillary ship saying she hasn’t been honest with them the whole time, they are tired of the drama, and they just want someone they can elect as president. It is looking more and more like Hillary isn’t that person.

So, yes…it does kind of look like the world is starting to gang up against Hillary Clinton. Add to that the fact it appears that the DOJ is now starting to grant immunity and reduced sentences to people that they are going to need to testify as witnesses against Hillary, and you’re starting to see a very foreboding pattern emerge. The Democrats could well be on their way to nominating someone that could very well be indicted by the time the general election rolls around. That, according to everybody I’ve heard from both sides of the aisle is instant death. So why do the Dems want to chance it?

Bernie Sanders is not electable in American politics to be president. Joe Biden is sitting on the sidelines waiting, but it’s a far cry that he is ready to jump into the fray. He doesn’t have a tenth of the machine in place that Trump has, and doesn’t have one hundredth of the machine in place that Hillary has. He’d be so far behind the times getting in I don’t think his heart could take it. And the Democrats are realizing the short-bench scenario that Hillary created is really what could sink them this cycle. And it’s too late to do a damn thing about it. They’ve put their eggs, cracks and all, in the Hillary basket. Now they just need to see if that basket can actually carry those eggs to election day without spilling and making a mess.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “The World Against Hillary

  1. Fantastic article. And I think the IG report is a preview of the FBI report, sort of how the Golden Globes are usually a good indicator of the Oscar winners. I just hope that Hillary doesn’t like her prize!

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