Where Have The Good Democrats Gone?

I think back to a time when the Democrats and Republicans valued things a lot differently than they do now. And I have to ask myself…when did the Democrats get so wimpy? I think back at the last few Democrats that have been president (and you have to go back a ways because there haven’t been that many of them), and they’ve all been wimps.

You have Barack Obama who is scared as hell to fight a war against terror that needs to be fought. Remember that he’s the guy that wanted to “end all of the wars”, and yet, he’s gotten us back into them because of his failure to understand the situation. Yes, Valerie Jarrett, that lady that has no idea what she’s doing in DC said on TV the other day that Bobo has gotten us out of two wars. Actually, that’s not true. We’re in both Afghanistan and Iraq. We left Iraq before we actually finished the job (does that qualify for premature evacuation?), and we’ve never left Afghanistan. So, technically, he’s not gotten us out of two wars, he’s actually gotten us into a third war in Syria against ISIS. The reason is simple. He’s a wimp of Lyndon Johnson proportions that doesn’t understand what war is about and how to fight it.

Bill Clinton tried to do much the same thing in the Balkans when he tried to fight an air campaign with no ground troops. Oh, it worked for a little while, but not in the long term. And Jimmy Carter? His term as president was so unproductive he’s currently ranked below Millard Fillmore for God’s sakes on the list of worst presidents! He was so bad that he actually had to go to work for Habitat For Humanity to improve his image. His Iranian hostage rescue attempt was ill-conceived, and a terrible idea from the start, and the military told him so. But somehow, Democrats seem to think they know how to prosecute war better than the professionals that are in place over at the Pentagon. Maybe that’s one reason why they make such lousy presidents?

I want to know where the GOOD Democrats have gone. People that KNOW how to prosecute wars. What happened to the FDR’s and Harry Truman’s of the world? Those guys, while I disagreed with their politics and their policies, were at least decent at realizing that they weren’t the professionals (though Truman DID serve in WWI), they at least had the ability to delegate the authority to those that knew better. And the results were a LOT better than anything we’ve had since.

What do you think the world would look like if Barack Obama, or Bill Clinton, or Jimmy Carter or even Lyndon Johnson would have been tasked with prosecuting World War II? I personally think we’d all be speaking German about now.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!