It’s Not About The Hot Dog!

You probably have the day off today. It’s not so you can go to a beach somewhere or sit by your swimming pool. It’s not so your husband or wife can grill out copious amounts of meat on the bar-b-que. It’s not about sleeping late or getting drunk. It’s not about fireworks, or Indy 500 or Coke 600. It’s about something more important. It’s about something vastly more important.

Today is about the millions…yes MILLIONS of men and women who have died for this country. It’s about honoring their memories. It’s about realizing that without the ultimate sacrifice that these heroes have made, you and I wouldn’t be able to do what I described above. And even though our country is a far cry from what it was in almost every category just eight years ago, and probably a far cry from where it will be eight years from now, look around the world. You will discover that while we have our challenges, from idiot socialists who want our government to resemble Venezuela and Greece, to brain-dead members of ISIS who just plain want to destroy everyone not living in caves and treating women like dogs, we are far better than most any other country on earth.

I could not be writing this today without the help of those millions of men and women who gave their lives for us. You could not be commenting on this, or watching something critical of the government, or listening to a talk-radio program that slams a president hell-bent on destroying us. None of this would be possible without the people that have fought and died to keep us free. And though we may not be as free as we have been in our recent past, we still are clinging to our freedoms, and we need to show the NEXT generation that will be depending on us to do what our brave heroes have done, that we will not shirk our duties. Freedom is not free is an old, and oft-used cliché, but it’s true.

So this Memorial Day, please take a moment. Visit a national cemetery. Think about why your life is free, and lift your eyes to the heavens and thank God Almighty that you have that freedom. It’s a freedom that has come with an incredible price tag that so many have chosen to pay for you!

Happy Memorial Day!

Now, carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “It’s Not About The Hot Dog!

  1. Well Desert, you are correct, it is not about hot dogs, cars that make left turn for hours on end, the fair weather patriots that Thomas Paine wrote about and this country seems to have an over population of these bozos.

    It is about the millions who have served over the centuries to give us this fragile country where we enjoy freedoms that only the truly obtuse seem they have been taken away. We must honor those and protect our country from dirt bag conservatives who believe enriching the wealthy is good for the country while we on Social Security or the lower and middle class want a little bit that has been taken from us back and not insulted by calling it “wealth redistribution.” Protect our country from chicken hawk talk radio blowholes that want to sacrifice other people’s children in forever wars around the globe. Protect our country from the Republican nominee who is basically a clueless clown that knows nothing of governing, economics, foreign policy, domestic policy or just about anything who believes that everything is negotiable, lies about everything, who received four draft deferments during Viet Nam and believed that sleeping around and not contracting venereal disease was the equivalent of serving in Viet Nam (for the record, I received three deferments and my lottery number was 359). Protect our country from the feckless politicians that howl about the problems at the VA, pretend to be concerned about those veterans, using them as props and then fail to fully fund the VA. I’m talking to you Grandpa McCrackey, you are the problem and the electorate willing, you be kicked out of office.

    I read something yesterday about a soldier in the Civil War from Indiana named Bierce Ambrose, someone I was not familiar with. I think you, you ill informed readership and those chicken politicians should read about this person and the human cost of war before you put “boots on the ground.”

    To my father, may he rest in peace, thank you for your service, not getting killed in the south Pacific and Semper Fi.

  2. I apologize that I have the above named Civil War vet wrong, his name is Ambrose Bierce.

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