Michelle’s Latest Foray Into Your Food

I’ll give Michelle Obama this much…the lady loves food. Well, let me change that. She loves to tell you what you can eat and not eat; what you SHOULD eat and not eat. As if that were any of her business (it’s not). And she’s at it again.

The FDA last week put the finishing touches on the new nutrition labels that will have to be on food that you purchase. It’s got to be there within the next two years, and must include a larger than life calorie count, as well as any “added sugars” that are in the food. That one has scientists that know anything about nutrition scratching their head.

Apparently, the board that Michelle helped get these items onto the list, didn’t include one person that understood what sugars do to the body, if they are helpful to the body in any way, or why they need to be included in the list of nutritional facts. Scientists are warning this will blow up in the government’s face because of the fact there is no scientific evidence that this particular addition has any merit. In layman’s terms it means, it’s all bogus.

First of all, let’s be honest. Only 66% of us actually READ the damn labels with any frequency in the first place. Second of all, most of us (87%) use taste as a determining factor as to whether we are going to buy a product or not. Third, 71% of us use cost as a factor. You can read the whole article at http://cathe.com/nutrition-confusion-how-many-people-really-read-nutritional-labels, and yes…she cites her sources as well.

So basically, Michelle is out trying once again to influence what we eat. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think yes, she’s right. We DO eat too much sugar. We DO eat too many processed foods, and we DO eat a lot of crap that’s high in fat which we crave. But she’s going about it all wrong. She seems to forget from time to time that we’re not living in China. We’re not being told by the federal government what we can and cannot eat. This is, last time I checked, America, and you have the right to purchase and eat whatever you like. Because if that is taken away from you, than all of your rights are able to be taken away from you. Need an example (the liberals out there will hate this one). IF you are going to allow the federal government to work “based upon the public good”, which was their basis for nutrition labels and Obamacare, then all it takes is a conservative to get into office and decry that “the public good” needs to have our thoughts all going down the same road, and liberalism needs to be banned. Done deal. You’ve now got precedence. Of course they have to prove how…but Obamacare really didn’t do that…and Michelle hasn’t even begun to do that. This was her “first lady project”… and the libs in government wanted to see it accomplished for her.

And now, we want to see them all leave town in a U-Haul. Quickly.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


One thought on “Michelle’s Latest Foray Into Your Food

  1. Michelle Obama’s concern for sugar might distract some from her campaign specifically aimed at rural Blacks to stop raising their own pigs not under the control of the FDA and USDA. Home-raised pork is superior to factory-raised pork given that it is free of antibiotics and is high in vitamin D, given that the pigs are raised outdoors in the sunshine. I guess Michelle would prefer that the citizens be utterly dependent on the government for their nutritional choices. It was government agencies combined with industry which convinced the public in the 70’s that margarine was superior to butter and highly-industrialized polyunsaturated cooking oil was superior to butter, lard, and nut oils. Neither of these factoids is true.

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