What Really Pisses Me Off…

I hate losers. I’m sorry, but I just can’t stand people that are ready to give up at a moment’s notice. The minute something doesn’t go their way, they throw in the towel and quit. I realize, they’ve probably done that their whole lives, but it still riles me. You never succeed unless you try, and you never learn unless you fail. It’s that simple. What would have happened if Thomas Edison gave up after his first light bulb filament burned up on him?

Well, I feel that the Republican party is shedding some losers. Bill Kristol from The Weekly Standard was the first loser to throw in the towel because his guy didn’t win. He was pissed that Donald Trump actually is going to be the nominee, and not someone he supported, so he’s taking his football and going home. He WAS going to back someone else…but he couldn’t find anyone that wanted to buck the trend.

The latest loser to join the crowd is George Will. Of course, like Kristol, Will blames it all on the GOP, and not on himself. He said on Special Report the other night that “the Republican Party left me, not the other way around.” That’s hogwash and I’m throwing the bullshit flag George. You left them. Party’s do NOT leave individuals. You are afraid that quite possibly Trump could get beat in November by Hillary Clinton, so you want to get off the train now. And you know something? It may just happen. If Trump decides to throw bombs out like he’s been doing since the Indiana primary, he probably WILL get beat. But your leaving isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference. You are a loser. Period.

I harken back, as I have many times to when Bob Dole was running for president. Dole, for those of you not old enough to remember, was a World War II veteran that had served a very long time in the Senate. He was chosen to run for president against Bill Clinton in 1996. He was a terrible candidate, probably one of the three worst candidates the GOP has fielded in my lifetime. The other two happen to be from Arizona. But I held my breath and voted for him. I didn’t like voting for him. I didn’t think it was the right thing to do, but I didn’t quit. I voted for a loser, a poor candidate, but I backed the party.

I did the same thing in 2008 when John McCain ran…also one of the three worst candidates I’ve seen from the GOP in my lifetime. And once again, did I quit and stomp off crying when he was nominated (and when he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate)? Absolutely not. I held my nose and I voted for him. Even though he was probably the worst candidate the GOP has ever fielded. And even though I knew going in Barack Obama was going to kick his ancient ass all over the desert…and he did. I didn’t turn and run away like a coward.

If George Will and Bill Kristol want to be yellow-bellied assholes and run away from a fight, let them. They are showing their true colors. Just remember that though when they end up wanting to re-join the party later on. Conservatives? Nope. They are both losers and cowards. Conservatives don’t quit.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


What The Benghazi Report Really Shows…

Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee on Benghazi came out with their long awaited report yesterday. Of course the White House pooh-poohed it. So did Hillary. Gee, there’s a big surprise. But the report was the most detailed, most in-depth report ever published on the subject. Actually, Hillary should be happy. She was pretty much spared the blame in this report…of course, that means she wasn’t as much involved in foreign affairs as she wants the world to believe, but it takes some of the blame off of her and puts it squarely on Barack Obama.

Obama’s problem as president has always been an inability to lead. Look at any issue, even the ones that he was successful on (in his eyes), and he never has led anything. Take Obamacare. What did he tell Pelosi and Reid? “Call me when you get a deal”. Did he spend time working the phones and making it happen? Nope. He left that to Congress. It was as if it was beneath him. Look at what every other president from both parties have done in the past. They’ve worked the phones, they’ve had meetings, they’ve politicked. He didn’t.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that when it came to Libya (which WAS Hillary’s idea in the first place), the overthrow of Gaddafi was a terrible miscalculation caused by a president that didn’t know how to lead, and an inexperienced Secretary of State who didn’t understand consequences. That is what led to the uprising in Libya, not some stupid lie about some idiotic movie on the internet. That in turn, led to Hillary wanting to make Benghazi a US Consulate, and not properly staff it, because she had no idea how to set up her cell phone, much less a US Consulate.

But the blunt of the blame was placed at Obama’s feet…and it should have been. Remember that the buck stops in the Oval? Who said that? Oh! It was the last decent Democrat to hold that office, wasn’t it? Yup…Harry Truman said it! Obama’s hands off, “don’t bother me” approach to his presidency has been the chief reason he has been a failure. Oh, he’s great at standing at the podium, crying about the latest mass shooting, swearing that Congress needs to do something about this! But when it comes to taking responsibility for actions that go awry, he has nothing to say on it. In this instance, he sent puppy dog Josh Earnest out to say something stupid like “$7 million and two years wasted”. Of course, we could say about Obamacare, “7 years and $1.6 TRILLION wasted”.

The report clearly shows we’ve had an incompetent president for the past eight years (and yes, I’m including the last six months of George W. Bush in there!). It’s time for a change…and going for the person that started the whole Libyan mess isn’t going to help anybody accomplish anything. It’ll just give her more of a reason to line her pockets in speaking fees! And there isn’t anything idiot liberals can say about it…because they know it’s correct.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obama Loses Big On Guns

I must say that when a president traditionally goes to the “bully pulpit” as Teddy Roosevelt popularized the term, he usually has gotten his way. That’s because the presidency has a certain weight to it, a certain heftiness and a president’s opinion and persuasion carries a little more oomph than the normal person. Ah, but this is not the normal presidency. These are not normal times, and this president doesn’t carry “oomph”. Unless that’s the sound you get from getting hit in the stomach over and over again.

Case in point is gun control. Bobo Obama has time and time again tried to use the bully pulpit to cry out about how guns were ruining the country and how he really wanted us all to rally around all of these mass shootings. There have been many, and yes, they’ve all been tragedies. But like most liberal causes, they usually pick out the wrong thing to focus on. In this case it was gun control. See, in the liberal world, if you make a law, it shows that you care. Forget whether or not that law gets broken, or whether or not that law even makes sense. That doesn’t matter, because results don’t matter (look at Common Core if you think that’s wrong!). Look only at the effort put into something. And if you stand at a podium long enough, cry hard enough, get mad enough, then you’ve done your job regardless whether you win or lose. Hell, that’s why we have “participation trophies”.

So, when Obama keeps getting up in front of the country and crying about how he’s fed up with all of these mass shootings (like the rest of the country isn’t?), and vows to do something about it if Congress doesn’t (he obviously hasn’t learned his lesson from the Supreme Court’s 14 slap downs yet). The problem is that Obama is actually adding fuel to the very fire he is trying to put out. Every single time he gets on his bully pulpit and spews about gun control, are you aware of what happens? Gun sales go through the roof. Ammunition sales set records. And more guns are sold than the year before. Why is that? Is it that the NRA is stockpiling guns? Nope. That has nothing to do with it. It’s that people are afraid that the government is going to take away their right to bear arms (they can’t), and so they go out and re-arm themselves.

What is happening is the more Bobo cries, the madder he gets, the more he vows to “do something about this!” the more people go out and buy guns. And he’s too stupid or vain or something to realize that every time HE does something like this, HE causes the spike in gun sales. Hell, the NRA should make him a lifetime member!

If he REALLY wanted to get rid of guns, he’s doing it all wrong. I know how it SHOULD be done, but I’m not going to give him any ideas. If he’s not smart enough to figure it out on his own, he deserves what he gets!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why Brexit Has Hillary Worried

Hillary Clinton didn’t want Brexit to pass. She wanted it to fail big. She is a big-time liberal internationalist, and according to Democrat pollster Mark Mellman, liberal internationalism has been dying for quite some time. And it seems that Hillary is aware of it, but refuses to change. That, above all else including the FBI investigation may be what dooms her in November. Oh, and by the way, if you think that’s the ol’ Desert Man talking, wrong again. That’s the New York Times…the bastion of liberalism in America today. Read it here at : http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/26/us/politics/brexit-revolt-casts-a-shadow-over-hillary-clintons-caution.html?_r=0, go ahead…read it. I’ll wait.

OK, so if you made the trek to the NYT and read it, you understand that Hillary and Bill both understand they’re in deep doo-doo. Basically, if you didn’t go there and read it, it says that there were 25 million people that voted for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in the primaries, which topped the 16 million votes Hillary got. Now, we all know Trump isn’t going to get all of Bernie’s supporters. In fact according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, 55% of Bernie’s supporters are going to actually stay with the Democrats and back Hillary. But 22% are going to Trump. 10% to Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, and 13% are going to stay home. That’s a very surprising number, because IF that happens, there is no way with her lack of independent support (Trump beats Hillary by 27% in the latest Monmouth poll with independents) that Hillary can win. And the reason? Her message is off base.

Hillary is out there talking about how she is going to win in this “global economy”…how she is going to forge great international trade deals. And what Brexit and the populist movement of Trump and Sanders is showing the world is they want to do something different. Hell, they want to do ANYTHING different. Some want to go make “America Great Again” by buying into Trump’s way, and others are willing to turn Socialist to try Bernie’s way. Hillary it seems is out of touch. And that is exactly what the Clinton campaign is worried about.

Hillary is still professing policies that she professed in 1990. That makes her a candidate of the past. And just like David Cameron, who also is a liberal internationalist, she isn’t able to see the paradigm shift that has occurred not only in England, but here as well. She has transitioned to the general election in who she’s attacking only. Her message has stayed the same, and isn’t resonating with voters. Need proof? Wednesday in Raleigh, North Carolina, Clinton said she would, “reject bad trade deals and unfair trade practices”. The problem of that is two-fold. First, it was her husband that signed one of the worst trade deals ever, NAFTA, and second, nobody can believe what she says. Her credibility ratings are in the toilet and that makes comments like that a moot point.

Hillary has a world of trouble when it comes to her message. She’s a policy wonk running in a populist time. That doesn’t usually bode well. Time will tell for certain, but she’s got a LOT of work to do this fall when everyone in the country (not just political junkies like me) start paying attention.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Does Brexit Mean To US?

The English decided to leave the European Union on Thursday. That was surprising news to a lot of folks because earlier in the day, just after the polls in Great Brittan closed, it seemed like the votes to stay in the EU would be enough to carry the day. But a late surge gave the ouster to the European Union. So, what does this mean for the US?

Actually it means a lot. First and foremost it means that one of our strongest trading partners is no longer a part of the EU. That means we are going to have to forge new trade agreements with the Brits, which will take time and probably cost us some money. It also means that Great Brittan will have the ability to close their borders to the onslaught of immigrants coming to Europe from Africa and the Middle East.

But what I felt was the most interesting thing, besides the stock market tumbling in this country, was the reaction of David Cameron, Brittan’s Prime Minister, who had been for staying in the EU. Cameron resigned as soon as the vote was announced. See, in Brittan, they do the right thing. Cameron had been a vocal proponent of the EU, even though they told the 28 member countries what to do without being elected to anything. And that is something Americans should take a lesson in.

Frankly, don’t you think it would have been nice for Bobo Obama, who also said that the Brits should stay in the EU (even though he didn’t have a dog in the fight), if he would have resigned as president after the Supreme Court slapped down his immigration executive orders? Of course, he’d never in a million lifetimes do it because he loses his pulpit in that event. But that’s the major difference between the Brits’ way and ours. Frankly, if you’re a man (or woman) of your convictions, and you believe that what you did was right and you got slapped down for it, you SHOULD resign. You ARE ineffective at that point, and you ARE a laughing stock. Of course, Obama was a laughing stock on the world stage long before this week’s slap down by the Supreme Court!

Overall, will Brittan survive this leaving the EU? Yup. They’ve survived a lot worse in their long history, and this will actually become nothing more than a blip for them. Will we survive them leaving the EU? I’m sure we will. We have a better chance of going under if the wrong person gets elected president in November than if the Brits leave the EU or not. Yes, we may get spun into a bit of a recession… even though most Americans feel we never left the one we supposedly got out of in 2009. But overall, this is not a big deal for us, or for Great Brittan. It IS a big deal for the EU because one by one, the dominoes are starting to fall, and what was once hailed as the United States of Europe is now going to be thrown on the waste heap.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

High Court Slaps Obama (Again)

The Supreme Court, one person short of a full bench, slapped the Obama Administration’s second “biggest” domestic agenda item of his presidency this week by being unable to decide on the administration’s appeal of the Immigration Executive Order. 26 states had taken the administration to court over the over-reach of power and using Executive Orders to basically grant green cards to some five million illegals. The high court voted 4-4, meaning that whatever the appellate court decided stays.

The defeat is once again, a stinging rebuke of Obama’s consistent over-reach of executive power. And basically what it means is that for the remainder of his presidency, Obama will be sidelined from trying to legislate from the White House if Congress decides not to follow a course of action. That would have been the ruling anyway had Antonin Scalia been on the bench, because he would have voted to keep the appellate court’s ruling in place.

What does this all mean? Well, it’s interesting. The states were upset because of the executive order that would have cost them billions in services and benefits given to illegal aliens. That is in essence what the original court found…that the feds couldn’t force that on the states and that Obama had over-reached his authority to issue such a sweeping change through an executive order. What the Court of Appeals in New Orleans found was that Obama was guilty of actually writing law, something which a president isn’t supposed to be able to do. That’s a function of Congress, and their inaction is not an indication that they are abdicating that duty to anyone else. Congress can, through inaction create the action of doing nothing legally, and that’s exactly what they did.

The end analysis is that Obama’s second biggest domestic legacy item has been swept off the table into the trash bin of history. And it means that the Department of Justice, whose attorneys have repeatedly lied to the judges throughout this case, must now go to the 100,000 illegals that were wrongly given green cards, and a) get the green cards back and b) turn them over to Homeland Security to be deported. This is what happens when you over-step your boundaries. You’d figure Bobo would be used to it by now…this was the 14th slap down he’s had on executive orders and over-reach of power. If it weren’t so damn close to an election, and it weren’t such an unpopular move, you can bet this would have led to an impeachment trial. It won’t, but it could have. It certainly qualifies as “high crimes and misdemeanors” in anybody’s book.

So, as the illegals in this country scramble to get back into the shadows, and the likes of the Arkansas Princess screech that this finding by the court (and actually the court found nothing in a 4-4 ruling) was “unacceptable”, we get back to some semblance of normalcy. As to Hillary’s declaration of it being “unacceptable”, I wonder who gave her the power to declare anything. Last I checked, she doesn’t hold any position of power in this country, and doesn’t represent anybody. Hell…she’s not even an attorney anymore. She lost her law license!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


First of all, understand this: I get protests. I get marches in the street. I get getting loud and screaming at people when you don’t agree with them. I get boycotts. I get all that. But there is a hold-over from the ‘60’s that never made any sense to me. It’s the “sit-in” and it happened this week on Capitol Hill.

It happened because Democrats haven’t changed their playbook in 50 years. The only difference between the sit-ins on college campuses some 50 years ago and what took place on Capitol Hill is the way the protesters are dressed. Back then it was tie-dyed t-shirts and flowers in their hair. Today, they’re all wearing Armani suits. But the end result is the same…it always is. It falls apart without anything being accomplished.

Oh, the Democrats that decided to blow the dust off one of the oldest and least effective protests known to man did disrupt the House of Representatives for a day. I guess for that, they can be proud. But did they accomplish what they wanted, which was a vote on gun control? Nope. In fact, Speaker Paul Ryan, carried on with the day’s agenda…calling for votes…giving the floor to various members of the GOP to speak, ignoring the idiots on the floor the whole time. Finally, when his work for the day was done (at 2:30am Thursday), Ryan closed the House. He went into recess until after the 4th of July holiday, leaving the Dems sitting on the darkened floor vowing to protest on, even though nothing could be accomplished, other than Nancy Pelosi and John Lewis vowing to “fight on!”

With that silliness aside, the liberals in congress need to realize what they are protesting and why it is totally false. They’re still upset at the Orlando shooting, but not because it was a terrorist attack by a radical Islamic terrorist. They’re upset because they see it as a prime opportunity to push gun control legislation. And as I’ve said before, what these dolts don’t get is, you can pass all of the gun control laws you want, but in the end analysis, a terrorist group is going to be able to arm its combatants. How are they doing it in the Middle East? They aren’t walking into gun stores in Syria and Iraq and purchasing AK-47’s over there are they? Duh! And what Democrats seem to be too addle-minded to realize is this was a terrorist attack and has nothing to do with gun control. Besides, the over-riding fact of the whole matter in all of these mass shootings is, the gunman (or gunmen) have all committed crimes. Do you think they are really worried about committing one more? I just with the liberals would stop with all of the emotional BS and start using logic in their arguments. No one has EVER made any sense on this topic logically why gun control is going to stop anything from happening. And no one ever will because there is no logical argument for it. It’s all emotion…and that’s what the liberals are all about; emotion and fluff over logic and substance.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!