The Press Are Calling For Clinton’s Demise

It had to happen sooner or later. You know when the liberal media decides to throw its weight against you, you’re going to have an extremely uphill battle, and I’ve been waiting to see what would be the fulcrum and cause the press to turn on Hillary Clinton. It’s happened.

The New York Daily News has come out with what I think is the first piece not written by a conservative publication that is calling on Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race for the good of the Democrats. It was written by Linda Stasi, and you can read the article here:

As Stasi points out, Hillary at this point has as much chance of winning the White House as Donald Trump does of losing the white vote. I think she’s pretty much right on that account. And what was the big thing that caused this massive shift? Basically, the Inspector General’s report to the State Department on Hillary’s email scandal. Even though the Arkansas Princess didn’t sit for an interview for that investigation, every other Secretary of State dating back to the (Bill) Clinton administration did, including the current Secretary. And none of them had attempted to do what Hillary has done. Oh, some of them, like Colin Powell, did indeed use private emails, but he never, EVER thought of using a private home-brew server like Clinton did. And as the IG pointed out, it WAS against the rules of the State Department at the time (Hillary lied on that one!), and had Hillary asked someone for permission to do it, she would have been denied.

What Stasi points out as very interesting, which Democrats obviously haven’t caught onto yet is, Trump will end up beating Hillary in a general election. But Bernie Sanders would end up beating Trump by a rather large margin, dispelling the notion that I’ve made here many times that a socialist couldn’t get elected president. And she’s right. Bernie Sanders doesn’t have the lying hanging over his head. He doesn’t have the taint of countless scandals hanging over him, and he could attack Donald Trump on several issues that Hillary just can’t go after him on. After all, when you’ve made $21 million in two years on speaking tours, it’s kind of hard to accuse someone else of being “out of touch with the everyday, average American”. Bernie can use that and get away with it.

The other thing that is very damning for Clinton is, America expects her to lie, and they call her on it. Donald has lied in the past, and gets a free pass. Why? Simply because he’s not a traditional politician. He’s someone from “the outside” and he can get away with it. That is what it’s all about. Do you remember Ronald Reagan? They called him the “Teflon President” because scandal wouldn’t stick to him. Trump pretty much has that quality. Hillary could be the “Scandal Magnet” because it seems scandals seem drawn to her. And trust me…the American people know this. Now apparently, the press is catching on too!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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