Obamacare: Democrat’s Big Error

I don’t think there is anyone out there that can actually, and factually argue that Obamacare has been nothing more than a boondoggle. Well, it has IF you believe what you were told the reason behind having it in the first place was…which was to make sure that all of those millions of poor, under-paid, unnourished, and trod upon souls that the Republicans have stepped on the backs of to get to the 1% for years actually had health insurance so they could see a doctor! If that was true, Obamacare has been a giant failure…worse than what it really has been. And the reason for that is simple.

We’ve spent over $3 TRILLION on Obamacare so far in 6 years, and guess what? You could have taken every single poor, under-paid, unnourished, and trod upon soul and given them the very best healthcare insurance available for the rest of their life and never, EVER have spent anything near $3 TRILLION! So, when you hear Bobo Obama, or Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders, or Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid spout off about how they’ve saved the poor and given them healthcare insurance, remind yourself that you know better. If they really cared about the poor, they would have kept the former healthcare system in place and made sure that they spent the money on the 3 million people (that is the TRUE number of uninsured who have become insured through Obamacare) that didn’t have healthcare by giving them the best policy available.

So, why the push for Obamacare in the first place? Do you remember the famous movie line, “Show me the money!”? That’s why. Democrats are happiest when they control the purse strings. And in healthcare, it’s 16% of all purse strings. Oh, it’s definitely a redistribution of wealth going on, but it’s not what they like to tout. They aren’t taking it from the 1% and giving it to the lowest of the low. They are taking it from the Middle Class and giving it to the Lowest Class. Why do I know that? Because the 1%’ers out there are always going to have the highest quality healthcare. And they are always going to pay for it regardless what it costs. It’s the Middle Class that has gotten screwed in Obamacare, because there just isn’t enough money in the top 1% to pay for everybody at the bottom.

Next up on the hit parade is the fact that Obamacare was only supposed to be a place holder. It wasn’t supposed to be a permanent “fix” to healthcare. It was a step-down to socialized medicine through a single-payer (i.e.: government) form of insurance. When all of the insurance companies out there started doing exactly what they are doing now (pulling out of Obamacare exchanges) then the government HAS to step in and offer insurance to those folks. And pretty soon, it will declare that everyone has to have the same insurance because it’s separating the world in to the haves and have-nots, and that’s not fair. So, it’s only right that these poor folks have their constitutional right of getting free healthcare insurance, just like it’s a constitutional right in their mind that every kid has the ability to go to college. And as Judge Smails said to Danny in the movie “Caddyshack”, “Well, the world needs ditch diggers too!” And he was right.

No, things are never done in one simple step with the Democrats. There is ALWAYS a progression. Obamacare is just the latest example of that. But given their way, it won’t be the last step!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Obamacare: Democrat’s Big Error

  1. Well Desert, since medieval history has been my current interest, I know a gauntlet thrown down when I see one.

    It is amazing that you are using the same recycled gruel to make a single point, Obamacare bad based solely on coverage standpoint along with that three trillion dollar figure which I cannot figure which orifice you pulled that out of. But let us continue for the incredibly ill informed readership who actually believe every bit of manure you post.

    Benefits of Obamacare, no denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions, closing of the “donut hole,” my personal favorite since I spent over $6,000 on medications last year, no lifetime coverage cap. expanded Medicaid, no more crappy policies, can’t be charged more for health or gender, quick appeals of healthcare decisions, young adults can stay on parents policies until age 26, easy to understand summaries from doctors, hospitals, medication suppliers, end of life counseling, annual visit from nurse or nurse practioner for health assessment and making insurance available to the poor so they do not up our insurance costs by going to the emergency room as their only resort. The Republicans of course want to repeal the ACA and replace with……. crickets, crickets, crickets……. vouchers which are universally criticized as useless, but then what did you expect?

    I see that Eddie Munster will be unveiling his agenda for a Republican Congress and I will bet that the cornerstone is…………………
    tax cuts, mostly for the 1%, repeal of Obamacare and “entitlement reform.” I guess us Middle Class are just populated with takers But back to your blog.

    As a matter of fact the Republicans have been stepping, rather stomping, on the back of the Middle Class since Saint Ronnie of Treason or as I call it wealth redistribution upward and I don’t remember since I have known you complaining about that. Since you used a movie quote, allow me to respond. The Middle Class response to Republican tax policy is reminds me of Kevin Bacon in Animal House, “thank you sir may I have another.”

    As for paying for this, the answer is taking the cap off Social Security and Medicare taxes a/k/a FICA. All income should be included, earned, capital gains and all the other dodges they have. The tired argument that the wealthy pay more in taxes than the middle class, while from a dollar for dollar basis may be true, but as a percentage of income is false. Why doesn’t Drumpf release his tax returns, he pays little or no taxes, doesn’t have the income he boasts about and is not as wealthy as he says. You realize that this bozo will never release them always citing some real BS excuse because that is how he operates. Glad to see he had real good week.

    As for your constitutional argument for free healthcare, we never said it was going to be free but is covered by the preamble, read it and find our where. Free college, trade school, etc., why not? Does it benefit us as a nation? Considering government has been involved with education since the founding of the republic (look it up), why not. Only recently Republicans have chanted the mantra about the Feds having no place in education. To paraphrase Judge Smails, “the world needs embiciles.”

    Thank you, I’ll be here the rest of the week, remember to tip your servers.

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