Does Sanders Die Today?

Bernie Sanders has done the impossible. No, he didn’t win the Democrats’ nomination for president today. He survived until today. A year ago, nobody, including me, gave him a ghost of a chance to be in the race this long. I actually that that Marty O’Malley would have a much better chance of being the anti-Hillary candidate. But Bernie hung in there against all odds. And he’s still hanging in there, and vows that he will hang in there until the convention is over in Philadelphia. And why not? What’s he got to lose?

First and foremost, you have to remember that while Sanders has caucused with the Democrats over the years, he wasn’t one of them until last year. He’s been an independent his whole life. So, he has no loyalty to the party. Talk about being an outsider! He is the Democrats’ version of Donald Trump. Except, he’s much more dangerous. He is going to lose in New Jersey today, even if he pulls off a win in California, and Hillary Clinton, it was announced late yesterday, received enough of the super-delegates and Puerto Rican deligates to wrap up the nomination…at least that’s according the Associated Press’ math.

That shows you exactly how weak of a candidate she is. In a year that was supposed to be a coronation, she took it to the mat before squeaking in as the nominee. And now she is going to face the tiger shark in Donald Trump. This is assured, assuming that Sanders doesn’t pull off some major stuff at the convention, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he did.

They’ve already given him seats on the rules committee and he’s screaming for more. He wants to be included in a lot of the other committees. He wants to decide who the VP nominee will be (though he says he doesn’t want the job), and he wants to make sure that the Democrats’ platform includes HIS ideas, not hers. And what happens if he doesn’t get the stuff he wants?

I’m just wondering whether there will be a third party candidacy from the left. After all, Bernie loves the attention, and he’s been out fundraising Hillary and out drawing Hillary all year. It wouldn’t surprise me that if he’s not treated properly in Philadelphia that he decides to continue on as an independent. That would be devastating for the left. There isn’t any way that Hillary could even come close to dealing with him AND Trump. It would have the same effect as if Mitt Romney or someone like him threw their hat into the ring on the right, and I’m not talking about this guy Bill Kristol wanted to run. He was toast before he even decided not to run.

No, Hillary will got her dream fulfilled yesterday becoming the first female major party candidate for president. But with Trump surging, and Hillary limping her way to the convention (without the FBI primary being over), can anyone blame her for pulling out all the stops? I would certainly hope that Trump has hired every lawyer he can find and be at every polling place to insure fairness. Do you really want to put it past Hillary to run a dishonest campaign? I mean, why would she start being honest now after 69 years?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!