Post-Obama World

Anybody in the middle or on the right is almost giddy at the prospect of losing Bobo Obama from the White House. After all, it’s been one catastrophe after another. He’s screwed up time and time again in foreign policy. His domestic policy has been an abject joke, and he’s taken the United States from world leader to laughing stock in world capitals in a short span of seven and a half years. Liberals, conservatives, and moderates around the world all have the same view of this guy…he’s the worlds’ second most famous clown.

So, what’s the world look like after Obama leaves the White House? Well, besides being rid of watching him on TV every day, the world will apparently still have to put up with him. He has commented that he intends not to go quietly into the good night as has his predecessors. Instead, he’s going to make sure that his way of governing (fiat???) is going to continue for generations. Or as he puts it, he’s going to make sure that the country continues “compromise, incrementalism, and debate rooted in the truth”. Of course, when I read that, my feeling was pretty much what yours was. I had to stop laughing long enough to catch my breath.

Let’s look at this, shall we? Compromise. What has Obama compromised on? The short answer is nothing. He either got his way entirely, or he went the executive order route. He was the kid that owned the football and he was going to take it home if he didn’t get it. There has been no compromise. If he felt he was compromising anything, it was America’s future! Incrementalism. That is the one thing Democrats are great at, but the only thing I can see where he was practicing it was Obamacare. Unfortunately in order to practice incrementalism, you need to actually own the House and Senate… something Obama has lost during his presidency. You can’t take Obamacare to the next level without congress. No judge in the country will let you executive order your way through that minefield.

Debate rooted in truth? Since when has this guy been truthful? “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”? “If it’s a bad deal with Iran, we’re going to walk away”? He doesn’t know the truth. He knows lies and deception. That’s been his MO since his campaign. He did utter one truth in that campaign. He said that he was going to fundamentally change the way America worked…and he did. He never said it was going to be for the better. We’ve gotten a first-hand look at why liberalism doesn’t work, never has worked anywhere it’s been tried, and never will work anywhere. And Obama has proven it time and time again through bad trade deals, incredibly naïve foreign policy, and penchant for grandstanding bad bills that turn out to be money pits. Yeah…we need to see more of this guy after January 20th!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. BOBO went on Jimmy Fallon and made the comment, he was “worried about the republican party, you’d like your nominee if elected to be able to do the job”. Yeah, like he has? Like Hillary would? She’s a total failure, corrupt as hell, but you know birds of feather, do flock together. Hillary and Obama…….. 2 vultures!

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