What Are The Odds?

So the primary season is over. We have about a month off from the constant drum beat of Hillary Clinton’s screeching voice and Donald Trump’s rambling diatribes. Enjoy the time off, because it’s only going to heat up again come July! And in the meantime, I have a few random thoughts of things that actually could happen given the nature of the primaries so far.

What are the odds that Bernie Sanders will actually become the Democrats’ nominee for president? It seems like an impossible task given that Hillary has everything locked down, but Bernie is pressing on. That leads to a second musing…

What are the odds that Bernie Sanders decides after Philadelphia to run for president as an independent? That basically gives the presidency to Donald Trump.

What are the odds that Hillary Clinton gets indicted sometime between now and election day? And what are the odds that she has to drop out of the race because of it? And what are the odds that her campaign is mortally wounded if the FBI refers to the Justice Department her case for indictment, saying there is plenty of evidence to convict, and the DOJ doesn’t indict?

What are the odds that Donald Trump will say or do something so stupid that he basically eliminates himself from contention as the GOP’s nominee before election day?

What are the odds that there are riots that take place at Hillary’s campaign events, and Donald’s campaign events the summer and fall?

What are the events that this is a throwback to the election of 1800, between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams…sometimes referred to as “The Revolution of 1800” because of how raucous and dirty the campaign was?

What are the odds that some nut somewhere goes off the rails at one of the campaign stops and takes a shot at either candidate? Hey…it COULD happen…and don’t think the Secret Service isn’t thinking about it!

What are the odds that Bill Kristol actually finds someone to run as an independent on the right and tries to force the election into the House of Representatives because no one gets 270 electoral votes?

What are the odds that there is a white knight on the left and on the right who tries to swoop in and “save the party” from the utter destruction that their nominee is doing to it?

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m not really enamored by either party’s choice. I think both are extremely unqualified and very unpresidential. Hillary is a pathological liar and prone to committing the worst kinds of scandalous mistakes one can make. Trump is a loud-mouth that shoots from the hip and tries to fix the problems he’s created later. Frankly, neither of them excite me, and neither of them should be president. Maybe this is the year for Gary Johnson? Nah…he’s too far out there.

What are the odds that the national vote total becomes Hillary Clinton: 1; Donald Trump: 1. The rest of the nation stays home and gets drunk?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!