It was treated like some major happening in our world. I mean it was something on the line of a major foreign leader was assassinated. Maybe ISIS decided to give up the fight and become normal members of society. Or North Korea realized the error of their ways and begged the world’s forgiveness and wanted to dismantle all of their nukes. It could have been that the Ayatollahs in Iran have decided that America was right all along and they’ve dumped Islam for Christianity. That was I was expecting when the TV screen flashed a major news event up for the world to see!

Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Really? That was a major news event. Let me correct myself here. That was a news event at all? What was he going to do? Was he going to endorse Trump? Was he going to cry to the world that Joe Biden hadn’t run so he couldn’t endorse him? Did you, hell did ANYBODY expect Bobo to endorse anybody besides Hillary Clinton? How stupid of a news story was that?

Actually, there is one news story that wasn’t covered because of that endorsement yesterday, which wasn’t done live, but on YouTube and on Hillary’s website. It was the mere fact that because the president of the United States now has officially thrust his ego and his reputation into the fray on this one, Hillary Clinton has absolutely zero chance of actually being indicted for her crimes. I didn’t say that the FBI wasn’t going to refer the matter for indictment. I said because of this endorsement, Obama will never have Loretta Lynch indict her or send it to a Grand Jury. He’s WAY too political to let that happen!

So, you can forget the indictment. You can forget the orange jumpsuit (oh wait…she DOES own one, doesn’t she?). But you can forget the legal battles upcoming. It won’t happen. At least it won’t happen unless Donald Trump wins the White House. See, because of all of his grandstanding and jumping on the Hillary bandwagon, it would be almost impossible for Obama to pre-emptively pardon her for anything she MAY have done wrong…which was something I was personally waiting for. Now that he’s endorsed her, he really can’t do that because if he does, he’s saying that he’s endorsed someone that NEEDS a pardon for crimes committed, and we can’t be electing a president with that over her head now, can we?

That was the story I expected MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and HNN to cover. That was really the big breaking news yesterday. Bobo endorsing Hillary? Come on! Did you really expect anything less? Bobo knows he isn’t going to be able to get anything through congress for the rest of the year, and until he knows the results of the election, he doesn’t want to pull out the “executive order pen” and go crazy. So, he has nothing to do for the next six months unless he campaigns. And that means one thing.

Hillary loses. See, Obama is a great campaigner for himself. When it comes to campaigning for others, um…not so much. His candidates lose more often than they win. He doesn’t know it but he just helped out Donald Trump…who needs all the help he can get!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “FLASH! MAJOR NEWS BREAK!!!

  1. LOL, before I read your post here, I made one myself. That political endorsements from those that come from the same party, Obama & Warren for Hillary have little effect in securing votes. However, the endorsement keeps Hillary in the campaign, as Obama will not allow her to be indicted; after meeting with the AG. He won’t allow Hillary to be indicted. That is the greatest significance for HIS endorsement. What a sham…..and shame.

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