The Trump Reality

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not enamored with Donald Trump. Oh, he’s an ok host of Celebrity Apprentice, but frankly, that show had already jumped the shark. And I think he COULD be a good candidate if he learned to control what comes out of his mouth. I think he’s probably an asshole, but I’m ok with that too since assholes are what’s needed sometimes to get the job done.

The reality of the matter with Donald Trump is, he’s in the best position that any Republican candidate could have been in at this point in the race for the White House, and it looks like it’s only getting better. How can I say that when he’s denigrated a judge in the Trump University lawsuit just because he comes from a Mexican heritage? Pretty easy. I let the numbers speak for themselves.

Trump set a new record for a primary in garnering more numbers than any other Republican candidate. That was over 13 million votes. That’s pretty damn impressive when you think that for the early stages of that primary, there were upwards of 16 people running. The Democrats were down about 7 million votes from 2008, so Hillary and Bernie weren’t as exciting apparently as Bobo when it came to drawing folks to the polls. We all knew that about Hillary anyway, but I was kind of surprised to see that about Bernie Sanders.

Trump said at the beginning that he was going to win the GOP nomination and do so with more delegates to spare than anyone would imagine. Well, with none of the other candidates having released their delegates yet, he’s amassed 1,536. That was pretty damn impressive, I must say. It’ll be a larger percentage than Hillary will get, and there were basically on two people running on the Dems’ side.

Democrats are screaming that the Latino vote will kill Trump in the long run. That apparently is not correct either. Trump’s getting 37% of the Latino vote. He’s tied with Hillary with negative numbers… 38% feel negative about each of the two candidates. And don’t forget something else. As much as Obama wanted to give free citizenship to all of those illegals and court the Latino vote, a whopping 50% of them are independents. They aren’t about to be swayed by immigration issues. They have their core values in place, and those values align much more consistently with the Republicans and Donald Trump than they do the Democrats and Hillary.

We haven’t even mentioned the fact that Trump has pulled even and even ahead of Hillary in national polls to this point (not that any poll matters at this point!). And the latest state-by-state tallies show that there are going to be a record-breaking eleven states in play this year. That means it’s not just Ohio and Florida, but also many other states that were considered “safe” among the Democrats. The reason? Trump excites people and plays to consistently larger audiences than Hillary who is viewed as robotic and weak…a policy wonk with no personality. And we haven’t even begun to discuss Hillary’s legal problems, if indeed they materialize. But I will say this; if the FBI comes out with a referral against her for the email server scandal, she will lose between 5-7% of the polling right there. And it won’t come back.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!