Time To Grow Up!

I was never a fan of John McCain. I was also never a fan of Bob Dole. To me they were dinosaurs that were running for the presidency “because it was their turn”. It was a terrible choice to allow either of them to become the nominee of the Republican party. But I must say, I did the “right thing”, held my nose and pulled the lever for them. Why? Because I knew in my heart of hearts that they were better than either Bill Clinton in Dole’s case, or Bobo Obama in McCain’s case. Today I’m still not so sure, but I feel they probably wouldn’t have been as bad.

And it’s with that in mind that I say to Mitt Romney, and all of his Republican cronies that are having such a hard time endorsing and getting behind Donald Trump, GROW THE F*** UP! Put Trump next to Hillary Clinton, and there isn’t a living soul on this earth that can prove that a pathological liar is going to be a better president in any sense of the word than an asshole. It just isn’t possible, and just won’t happen. Period. End of story. The science is settled. The debate is over. It’s time to admit that your candidate, which ever one that was, got their ass handed to them, and it’s time to move on.

I’ll say the same for the mamby-pamby GOP donors who are thinking they’re going to “sit this one out”, and not do anything…and yes, Charles Koch, I’m talking about you. Your behavior is exactly what put the GOP into the mess they are in. You’re the reason nobody trusts Washington politicians. You’re the reason that people got elected, swearing to their constituents that they were going to change the system, and the only thing that changed was them. It’s time for you to wake up and realize what an ass you’re making of yourself. If you can’t get behind your party’s nominee, then you don’t belong in the party. Leave it and follow George Soros to Europe.

It absolutely sickens me that we have two candidates that have as bad of credentials as Clinton and Trump. No, neither are qualified to become president. No, neither are my first choice for president either. But the fact of the matter is, they won. They won by the “slimy, crooked rules” that were in effect. And you can’t stop what has happened, so deal with it. Now you have to choose the lesser of two evils and get on with your life. It’s that simple.

So, my words of advice to Mitt Romney, and Charles and David Koch, and all of the other wimps out there that think the American people made a bad mistake voting for Trump, realize that the American people have made terrible choices before. We made one eight years ago and we made another one four years ago. We’ve lived with that mistake every single day for the past eight years. And you want to compound the situation by making the same mistake again? That my friends, is the definition of insanity.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Time To Grow Up!

  1. The last Uniparty candidate I voted for was Reagan. I believe it was when Dole was running I decided that I would never ever vote the lessor of two evils again. I have not. If I do not care for whom ever the Uniparty puts forth, I vote third party. I have said this before and I will say it again, again and again. There is only one difference between the DemocRATS and RepubliCATS. That is how fast they sell America down the river. I liken it to white water rafting versus a float trip. In white water rafting you go fast and swift with danger at high speed (for a raft). With a float trip you float leisurely along in your canoe, enjoy the scenary, chat, and see no danger or at least very little. If Trump is forced to comprise — and there are indications that he is and one was by meeting with Kissinger — I will again vote third party. I care not what happens because I know that God Almight is in control and the sooner the Day of the Lord arrives the better off humanity will be. Or as my husband says, if the Lord does not come soon he is going to have to apologize to Soddom and Gamorrah!

  2. Well Desert, I know you have missed me the past few days. Sorry to say it was computer problems and the first person I talked with was, I will venture to say, Chinese and English was not his second language, or third or fourth. While my travels have made me to learn some of the local language, I do not know Chinese. The second person was Indian (east) and at least we communicated, fixed the problem and here I am.

    Donald Drumpf is an interesting problem for the Republicans. This neutron bomb of a candidate is seriously setting them up for a historical whacking in November. Captain Whitebread, Reince Priebus could have done something a year ago, but like the Tea Party, he sat back and did nothing. Actually, the Republicans signed a deal with the devil, the Tea Party and it has revealed that they could not govern and could not keep this bunch of ideological morons in line, except for votes on repealing Obamacare. Now you are stuck with the Boorish Blowhole of Orange and anyone with a bit of sanity is rightfully running for the hills. Republicans who care about their party want no part of this freak show and would rather sit on the sidelines and attempt to keep their majorities in Congress. As for the Koch Brothers, they buy State and local governments, so staying out of this is in their best interests. As for Sheldon Adelson, his interests lie in an investigation into his violating the Corrupt Foreign Practices Act. Guess he is hoping Drumpf, if elected will kill the investigation.

    As for other Republicans who are endorsing him, a new sub class in the party has been created, SINO, Supporters In Name Only. Problem is Drumpf is the crappy hand thrown vessel you broke at the Pottery Barn, you own him. Drumpf is a stench that will linger on you years after he is gone. Enjoy it while you can. His campaign is in disarray, he does not have the staff, the ground game (he is betting on social media and free verbal salad on TV), he just does not have the money, a key demographic is against him (I’ll let you find out what it is) and the RNC is scrambling to put together some sort of campaign while trying to keep this guy on the rails. The person with the most to lose is Eddie Munster, Paul Ryan. He endorsed him, he is your boy, you staked your credibility and your future on this clown and if he is shellacked in November, it’s on you, you cannot hide, you cannot spew Ayn Rand drivel to extricate yourself, essentially you are fucked six ways from Sunday.

    As for MA in MO, God doesn’t do elections, (s)he does not control us, (s)he is not coming back and from what I understand of Christianity, God, like Donald Drumpf, does not apologize for anything. So boogie off to your TV and buy some of Jim Bakker’s crappy food in buckets along with his solar powered generators while watching Frances and Donnie Swaggart lecture us on U.S. history and Native Americans, a subject they know nothing about while waiting for I guess the Rapture or whatever payoff you are looking for.

    Still interested in an election wager after the conventions?

  3. I’m completely willing to put money on the outcome of the November election – the US Citizens will lose, no matter who wins. Even if it is a (extremely remote possibility) third party candidate.

  4. Vernon Pope, you must live in the Phoenix area and the American people will lose if the carnival huckster Il Duce of Orange is elected. He is playing those ill informed lemmings like a violin. Read his stand on taxes and see if this helps the unwashed masses. He only cares about himself.

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