The Death Of Obamacare

There isn’t a person out there that can begin to debate the fact that Obamacare has been an utter and dismal failure. It reeks of corruption. It has cost the American taxpayers well over one TRILLION dollars, enough to have paid for the most expensive “Cadillac” insurance plan for every man woman and child that was uninsured before it went into effect, for the rest of their lives. And yet, Democrats and liberals everywhere have one solution to this monstrosity…throw more money at it. Because that is the only thing Democrats and liberals know how to do. They don’t fix anything. They haven’t fixed Social Security or Medicare. They haven’t fixed the VA mess. They haven’t fixed the IRS, or HHS, or Homeland Security. And what pray tell is the “fix” for solving their latest issue, the TSA screw-up? Throw more money at the problem!

Well, Obamacare has had more than its fair share of money thrown at it. It’s failed. The latest is that the state of Alaska has now set aside $55 million of their state budget to bail out this abortion. See, Alaska only has one insurance carrier who wishes to be part of this, and they threatened to pull out entirely unless our northern-most state didn’t come to the rescue with a bailout. And the GOP legislature in Alaska obliged. It’s waiting for the governor’s signature as we speak.

And what is currently playing out in Alaska is going to be playing out in a state house and governor’s mansion near you very soon. The dominoes have started to fall. Every single state will lose insurer after insurer until there is one left. And the last man standing is going to be able to hold the state hostage to bail them out so they are profitable. It’s not competition, it is survival. While states are broke because of under-funded pensions and runaway liberal spending sprees that have worked as well as Obama’s “shovel ready jobs” of 2009, they now are going to each have to set aside millions (and in some cases billions) of dollars to insure that the state is compliant with one of the worst federal laws ever written.

The fact of the matter is, Obamacare is an epic fail. And there is no solution to fixing it in its current form. Now, I will admit there are some really nice (but expensive) things it did. It allowed parents to keep their kids on their policy until age 26 while they look for a full-time job that actually still has benefits. It did away with the “pre-condition” dereliction, and by all estimates cost Americans about $35 billion in increased premiums (want to know where your $2,500 in savings went? That’s where!). Beyond that, there isn’t any meat on that chicken. The only solution is to blow it up and start again with reason taking the place of liberal emotion (emotion NEVER works when you’re running a government!).

What the folks in DC need to do is lift the ban on interstate insurance sales. Make it national, just like every other form of commerce in this country. That way if North Carolina has a great insurance company, everybody can take part. But to liberals, that’s a death blow because they lose control. It’s like the privatization of Social Security. All of a sudden, the stock market becomes a very risky place for Americans to put their money…and the one place all of Washington uses to get wealthy. Hmm… sounds like somebody is more in tune to holding Americans back than they are to fixing problems!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!