Actually, Trump Was Closer To The Truth

I had to let this one sit for a day or so, because I wasn’t quite sure how in hell I was going to talk about it. Yes, I agree with the rest of America that the shooting at the Orlando night club was indeed a senseless tragedy, and my heart goes out to those that lost loved ones in it. Yes, I believe that America, once again, needs to pause and regain its composure after such a loss. And yes, I believe that something should be done to punish those that backed such an attack.

And I also think that while yes, Hillary Clinton’s comment after this echoed the way most Americans felt, I think Donald Trump’s comment, while certainly less empathetic and more brazen, was closer to the truth. It’s time for America to stop being a panty-waste about this stuff and go after ISIS. It’s time to actually grow a pair and be the America we all know we can be. And quite frankly, I cannot see how in hell we do that with Hillary Clinton as Screecher In Chief. Yes, she is most certainly got more balls than Bobo Obama (hell, a Barbie doll has more balls than Obama does) when it comes to attacking those that attack us. That isn’t the problem. The problem is that she is part of the problem, not the solution.

ISIS was formed primarily because of what happened in Syria and Libya. It was formed because the Clinton Doctrine of the Middle East was such a mess and wasn’t thought out well at all. It was formed because we have an extremely weak president that didn’t care and didn’t know anything about foreign policy, and thought he could hide Hillary there for four years or so. Little did he know that he was turning over the safety of the free world to a woman who’s policies were so badly flawed. Taking out leaders without thinking it through as to who would follow, especially in that region of the world, is a terrible idea. And it’s just one example of the terrible ideas that woman has had in her lifetime. Imagine for a minute the free reign of terror she’d impose on the rest of the world if there weren’t a congress of the other party there to check her? Imagine what would happen if she could control four nominations on the Supreme Court? Imagine her as Screecher-In-Chief? Yikes!

And so, while half of our political candidates want to mourn the dead and feel sorry for ourselves, half of our candidates wants to tell the world the reason this happened is because of weakness. That half is correct. You don’t win in this world by being weak. If you don’t believe me, just ask Suriname. See what kind of world power they are! No, you win by projecting strength, and that’s something liberals don’t understand. The world isn’t all rainbows and lollipops…even though they’d like it to be. Time to wake up America!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!