The Fight With Eco-Terrorists

The eco-terrorists have decided that they have to elevate their position to a new level. Obviously, most Americans know there is indeed a changing climate (what is the definition of climate anyway???)… but the real argument comes down to whether it’s a natural phenomenon or whether it’s actually man-made. That is the problem. And the problem is the eco-terrorists who have tried to have scientists fudge their numbers and failed; who have tried to claim the debate is over…the science is settled and failed; now have decided that they are going to pull out the big guns.

They are going to prosecute any “climate change deniers”.

And I guess they can do that if they want…but be careful what you wish for, because it could bite you in the ass. If you’re going to come after me for denying that climate change is man-made, then I’m going to come after you for the fraud you’ve inflicted on the world’s population. And we can take all of the liberal idiots out there who have bought into this notion, divide up the cost of the added regulations that do absolutely nothing except increase our costs without lowering whatever bad stuff it’s supposed to be preventing, and sue them and put them in jail for fraud. What’s good for the goose is good for the eco-terrorist.

That’s right Al Gore, I’m coming after you! Bobo Obama…you’re in my sights as well. And all of these eco-terrorist groups that think that just because they want to charge everyone more money so they can re-distribute the wealth in a brand new way, they can come after me, we’re waiting. I have an army of lawyers and scientists, including scientist that you guys had on your payroll at one time, that are willing and ready to testify in a court of law that the “facts” you published to scare the world into believing that New York and Los Angeles would fall into the rising seas was nothing more than a fictitious lie. And we will come after you and charge you with RICO violations, which means you will lose everything you ever had. So Al, better sell that mansion in Tennessee. Better get rid of that private jet, and better get ready to do battle with the same people that you thought were on your side. You’ve been caught in an inconvenient lie, and it’s time to pay the piper.

This liberalistic tendency to want to legislate everybody into thinking a certain way is a bunch of crap, and there isn’t a court in the land (who’s actually fair) that will stand for it. So you people want to come after “deniers” for exhibiting our First Amendment rights of free speech, all the while you’re yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater and trying to incite panic…go right ahead. Let’s see where it gets you. We will come after you with the vim and vigor that you could never dream of. You’re going to think ISIS IS actually a JV team when we get done with you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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