The Implosion Presidency

Say what you will about the Obama Administration, they are certainly one on track to become the most heavily imploded presidency on record. Just hours after releasing a heavily redacted telephone transcript of Omar Mateen’s telephone calls where he pledged allegiance to ISIS, the Justice Department (read that as Loretta Lynch) had to re-release it as an un-redacted version after the press hounded her publicly.

It was a stupid move to begin with, but in its inane efforts to “protect” Islam, the Obama Administration has gone to severe lengths to make the whole Orlando night club shooting not about terrorism, but about gun control. And you can see how far that got, as the US Senate voted down every single proposal by both parties to remedy the “gun violence” situation. The fact remains, this was a terrorist attack, regardless what Obama wants to call it. And to humiliate a sitting Attorney General like he did by making her send out a ridiculously redacted version of the telephone transcript was inane at best. It shows a president totally out of control, totally out of touch with reality, and totally void of human decency.

The press, as you’d might expect, ate it up. Even liberal networks like MSNBC and CNN tore into the Justice Department to let them know how stupid a move this had been. At the very least, Obama should have had Lynch at least call one of their favorite networks to ask them how it should have been handled. I can only guess what’s going to happen when Lynch has to issue the press release or hold the press conference announcing that Hillary is cleared of all wrong-doing and the FBI found “nothing out of the ordinary”. Can you just see her trying to keep a straight face as she addresses the nation on that one? It will be an acting performance worthy of an Emmy, though I really don’t think Loretta Lynch is smart enough or good enough to pull it off. You need a real pro for something like this. I wonder what Janet Reno is doing these days?

No, the White House led the charge on this one. Their Islamophobia has been on display for years, and for no good reason. It’s been a clear fact that Islam is at war with the “non-Islamic” world, and even itself as the Sunni and Shiite sects battle for control of the religion. I can understand not wanting to get in the middle of a holy war when you’re standing on the sidelines, but when you’re smack dab in the middle of it to begin with, you have to understand that and treat it for what it is.

What guiles me beyond belief is the fact that American Muslims are still crying that they are a peaceful “religion” yet you don’t hear any Imam coming forward to denounce the violence. They don’t come forward to tell their followers to not take part in this. You don’t hear them saying that’s it’s only a radicalized few who are mis-interpreting the Koran that are at fault here. Why is that? If the same shoe were on a Christian foot, would you be hearing the Pope denounce the violence? Would the head of all of the various Christian churches be out there screaming that this was wrong? You bet they would! And for the Obama Administration to bury its head in the sand like they’re doing is totally wrong, totally cowardice, and totally unpresidential.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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