First of all, understand this: I get protests. I get marches in the street. I get getting loud and screaming at people when you don’t agree with them. I get boycotts. I get all that. But there is a hold-over from the ‘60’s that never made any sense to me. It’s the “sit-in” and it happened this week on Capitol Hill.

It happened because Democrats haven’t changed their playbook in 50 years. The only difference between the sit-ins on college campuses some 50 years ago and what took place on Capitol Hill is the way the protesters are dressed. Back then it was tie-dyed t-shirts and flowers in their hair. Today, they’re all wearing Armani suits. But the end result is the same…it always is. It falls apart without anything being accomplished.

Oh, the Democrats that decided to blow the dust off one of the oldest and least effective protests known to man did disrupt the House of Representatives for a day. I guess for that, they can be proud. But did they accomplish what they wanted, which was a vote on gun control? Nope. In fact, Speaker Paul Ryan, carried on with the day’s agenda…calling for votes…giving the floor to various members of the GOP to speak, ignoring the idiots on the floor the whole time. Finally, when his work for the day was done (at 2:30am Thursday), Ryan closed the House. He went into recess until after the 4th of July holiday, leaving the Dems sitting on the darkened floor vowing to protest on, even though nothing could be accomplished, other than Nancy Pelosi and John Lewis vowing to “fight on!”

With that silliness aside, the liberals in congress need to realize what they are protesting and why it is totally false. They’re still upset at the Orlando shooting, but not because it was a terrorist attack by a radical Islamic terrorist. They’re upset because they see it as a prime opportunity to push gun control legislation. And as I’ve said before, what these dolts don’t get is, you can pass all of the gun control laws you want, but in the end analysis, a terrorist group is going to be able to arm its combatants. How are they doing it in the Middle East? They aren’t walking into gun stores in Syria and Iraq and purchasing AK-47’s over there are they? Duh! And what Democrats seem to be too addle-minded to realize is this was a terrorist attack and has nothing to do with gun control. Besides, the over-riding fact of the whole matter in all of these mass shootings is, the gunman (or gunmen) have all committed crimes. Do you think they are really worried about committing one more? I just with the liberals would stop with all of the emotional BS and start using logic in their arguments. No one has EVER made any sense on this topic logically why gun control is going to stop anything from happening. And no one ever will because there is no logical argument for it. It’s all emotion…and that’s what the liberals are all about; emotion and fluff over logic and substance.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Crybabies!

  1. The Dems are selling a product – gun control. The best way to sell: appeal to people’s emotions. Logic has nothing to do with their sales pitch, because if it did, they’d be sunk.

    You’re so right – there is no logical reason to take away law abiding citizens’ guns, except that the government wants to disarm us. Then we have to ask ourselves, why?

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