High Court Slaps Obama (Again)

The Supreme Court, one person short of a full bench, slapped the Obama Administration’s second “biggest” domestic agenda item of his presidency this week by being unable to decide on the administration’s appeal of the Immigration Executive Order. 26 states had taken the administration to court over the over-reach of power and using Executive Orders to basically grant green cards to some five million illegals. The high court voted 4-4, meaning that whatever the appellate court decided stays.

The defeat is once again, a stinging rebuke of Obama’s consistent over-reach of executive power. And basically what it means is that for the remainder of his presidency, Obama will be sidelined from trying to legislate from the White House if Congress decides not to follow a course of action. That would have been the ruling anyway had Antonin Scalia been on the bench, because he would have voted to keep the appellate court’s ruling in place.

What does this all mean? Well, it’s interesting. The states were upset because of the executive order that would have cost them billions in services and benefits given to illegal aliens. That is in essence what the original court found…that the feds couldn’t force that on the states and that Obama had over-reached his authority to issue such a sweeping change through an executive order. What the Court of Appeals in New Orleans found was that Obama was guilty of actually writing law, something which a president isn’t supposed to be able to do. That’s a function of Congress, and their inaction is not an indication that they are abdicating that duty to anyone else. Congress can, through inaction create the action of doing nothing legally, and that’s exactly what they did.

The end analysis is that Obama’s second biggest domestic legacy item has been swept off the table into the trash bin of history. And it means that the Department of Justice, whose attorneys have repeatedly lied to the judges throughout this case, must now go to the 100,000 illegals that were wrongly given green cards, and a) get the green cards back and b) turn them over to Homeland Security to be deported. This is what happens when you over-step your boundaries. You’d figure Bobo would be used to it by now…this was the 14th slap down he’s had on executive orders and over-reach of power. If it weren’t so damn close to an election, and it weren’t such an unpopular move, you can bet this would have led to an impeachment trial. It won’t, but it could have. It certainly qualifies as “high crimes and misdemeanors” in anybody’s book.

So, as the illegals in this country scramble to get back into the shadows, and the likes of the Arkansas Princess screech that this finding by the court (and actually the court found nothing in a 4-4 ruling) was “unacceptable”, we get back to some semblance of normalcy. As to Hillary’s declaration of it being “unacceptable”, I wonder who gave her the power to declare anything. Last I checked, she doesn’t hold any position of power in this country, and doesn’t represent anybody. Hell…she’s not even an attorney anymore. She lost her law license!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “High Court Slaps Obama (Again)

  1. Well Desert, your grasp of Supreme Court decisions is about as good as your knowledge of the State Department, but that will be on a previous posting.

    It was a no decision because of a 4-4 tie. While I agree that the lower court ruling stands (after District shopping by the Repubs), the case is really not decided. This means that the case is still active and can be brought before the court after the Dems win the November election, taking both the presidency and the Senate. Then there will be a request for Cert granted and probably new oral arguments. Then a decision from a full court.

    The States filing this action are Republican controlled, shopped the jurisdiction receive a favorable decision with the knowledge that it would be upheld by the Court of Appeals. The arguments that it would cost the States billions is the usual crapola we hear without realizing that these people would be paying taxes, consequently it would be a plus as the tax base in these States is getting smaller and somebody has to contribute revenue after all those ridiculous tax cuts. But let’s face that xenophobia and nativism is the heart of this action along with the continuing push by Republicans to make sure the Obama presidency is a failure. Don’t deny it with the usual word salad filibustering because you know this to be true.

    So you wasted a whole posting on nonsense, but then this is what conservatives do.

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