What Does Brexit Mean To US?

The English decided to leave the European Union on Thursday. That was surprising news to a lot of folks because earlier in the day, just after the polls in Great Brittan closed, it seemed like the votes to stay in the EU would be enough to carry the day. But a late surge gave the ouster to the European Union. So, what does this mean for the US?

Actually it means a lot. First and foremost it means that one of our strongest trading partners is no longer a part of the EU. That means we are going to have to forge new trade agreements with the Brits, which will take time and probably cost us some money. It also means that Great Brittan will have the ability to close their borders to the onslaught of immigrants coming to Europe from Africa and the Middle East.

But what I felt was the most interesting thing, besides the stock market tumbling in this country, was the reaction of David Cameron, Brittan’s Prime Minister, who had been for staying in the EU. Cameron resigned as soon as the vote was announced. See, in Brittan, they do the right thing. Cameron had been a vocal proponent of the EU, even though they told the 28 member countries what to do without being elected to anything. And that is something Americans should take a lesson in.

Frankly, don’t you think it would have been nice for Bobo Obama, who also said that the Brits should stay in the EU (even though he didn’t have a dog in the fight), if he would have resigned as president after the Supreme Court slapped down his immigration executive orders? Of course, he’d never in a million lifetimes do it because he loses his pulpit in that event. But that’s the major difference between the Brits’ way and ours. Frankly, if you’re a man (or woman) of your convictions, and you believe that what you did was right and you got slapped down for it, you SHOULD resign. You ARE ineffective at that point, and you ARE a laughing stock. Of course, Obama was a laughing stock on the world stage long before this week’s slap down by the Supreme Court!

Overall, will Brittan survive this leaving the EU? Yup. They’ve survived a lot worse in their long history, and this will actually become nothing more than a blip for them. Will we survive them leaving the EU? I’m sure we will. We have a better chance of going under if the wrong person gets elected president in November than if the Brits leave the EU or not. Yes, we may get spun into a bit of a recession… even though most Americans feel we never left the one we supposedly got out of in 2009. But overall, this is not a big deal for us, or for Great Brittan. It IS a big deal for the EU because one by one, the dominoes are starting to fall, and what was once hailed as the United States of Europe is now going to be thrown on the waste heap.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!