Obama Loses Big On Guns

I must say that when a president traditionally goes to the “bully pulpit” as Teddy Roosevelt popularized the term, he usually has gotten his way. That’s because the presidency has a certain weight to it, a certain heftiness and a president’s opinion and persuasion carries a little more oomph than the normal person. Ah, but this is not the normal presidency. These are not normal times, and this president doesn’t carry “oomph”. Unless that’s the sound you get from getting hit in the stomach over and over again.

Case in point is gun control. Bobo Obama has time and time again tried to use the bully pulpit to cry out about how guns were ruining the country and how he really wanted us all to rally around all of these mass shootings. There have been many, and yes, they’ve all been tragedies. But like most liberal causes, they usually pick out the wrong thing to focus on. In this case it was gun control. See, in the liberal world, if you make a law, it shows that you care. Forget whether or not that law gets broken, or whether or not that law even makes sense. That doesn’t matter, because results don’t matter (look at Common Core if you think that’s wrong!). Look only at the effort put into something. And if you stand at a podium long enough, cry hard enough, get mad enough, then you’ve done your job regardless whether you win or lose. Hell, that’s why we have “participation trophies”.

So, when Obama keeps getting up in front of the country and crying about how he’s fed up with all of these mass shootings (like the rest of the country isn’t?), and vows to do something about it if Congress doesn’t (he obviously hasn’t learned his lesson from the Supreme Court’s 14 slap downs yet). The problem is that Obama is actually adding fuel to the very fire he is trying to put out. Every single time he gets on his bully pulpit and spews about gun control, are you aware of what happens? Gun sales go through the roof. Ammunition sales set records. And more guns are sold than the year before. Why is that? Is it that the NRA is stockpiling guns? Nope. That has nothing to do with it. It’s that people are afraid that the government is going to take away their right to bear arms (they can’t), and so they go out and re-arm themselves.

What is happening is the more Bobo cries, the madder he gets, the more he vows to “do something about this!” the more people go out and buy guns. And he’s too stupid or vain or something to realize that every time HE does something like this, HE causes the spike in gun sales. Hell, the NRA should make him a lifetime member!

If he REALLY wanted to get rid of guns, he’s doing it all wrong. I know how it SHOULD be done, but I’m not going to give him any ideas. If he’s not smart enough to figure it out on his own, he deserves what he gets!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Obama Loses Big On Guns

  1. ” And he’s too stupid or vain or something to realize that every time HE does something like this, HE causes the spike in gun sales.”

    It’s like the research showing that antismoking TV commercials spur people to think about smoking…

    – MJM

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