What The Benghazi Report Really Shows…

Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee on Benghazi came out with their long awaited report yesterday. Of course the White House pooh-poohed it. So did Hillary. Gee, there’s a big surprise. But the report was the most detailed, most in-depth report ever published on the subject. Actually, Hillary should be happy. She was pretty much spared the blame in this report…of course, that means she wasn’t as much involved in foreign affairs as she wants the world to believe, but it takes some of the blame off of her and puts it squarely on Barack Obama.

Obama’s problem as president has always been an inability to lead. Look at any issue, even the ones that he was successful on (in his eyes), and he never has led anything. Take Obamacare. What did he tell Pelosi and Reid? “Call me when you get a deal”. Did he spend time working the phones and making it happen? Nope. He left that to Congress. It was as if it was beneath him. Look at what every other president from both parties have done in the past. They’ve worked the phones, they’ve had meetings, they’ve politicked. He didn’t.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that when it came to Libya (which WAS Hillary’s idea in the first place), the overthrow of Gaddafi was a terrible miscalculation caused by a president that didn’t know how to lead, and an inexperienced Secretary of State who didn’t understand consequences. That is what led to the uprising in Libya, not some stupid lie about some idiotic movie on the internet. That in turn, led to Hillary wanting to make Benghazi a US Consulate, and not properly staff it, because she had no idea how to set up her cell phone, much less a US Consulate.

But the blunt of the blame was placed at Obama’s feet…and it should have been. Remember that the buck stops in the Oval? Who said that? Oh! It was the last decent Democrat to hold that office, wasn’t it? Yup…Harry Truman said it! Obama’s hands off, “don’t bother me” approach to his presidency has been the chief reason he has been a failure. Oh, he’s great at standing at the podium, crying about the latest mass shooting, swearing that Congress needs to do something about this! But when it comes to taking responsibility for actions that go awry, he has nothing to say on it. In this instance, he sent puppy dog Josh Earnest out to say something stupid like “$7 million and two years wasted”. Of course, we could say about Obamacare, “7 years and $1.6 TRILLION wasted”.

The report clearly shows we’ve had an incompetent president for the past eight years (and yes, I’m including the last six months of George W. Bush in there!). It’s time for a change…and going for the person that started the whole Libyan mess isn’t going to help anybody accomplish anything. It’ll just give her more of a reason to line her pockets in speaking fees! And there isn’t anything idiot liberals can say about it…because they know it’s correct.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!