Even James Clapper Can’t Believe Clinton’s Story!

The DNC was all aflutter earlier this past week with this cockamamie story about how the Russians hacked into their computers and posted those emails detailing how they were trying to coronate Hillary Clinton and trying to slam Bernie Sanders. Of course, it cost Little Debbie her job as DNC chair, and now it seems she’s in deep doo-doo as far as a primary fight for her seat in congress.


What I found interesting in the whole ordeal was the fact that Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper…the guy that SHOULD know what’s going on…and OH, by the way, an Obama guy, said that he couldn’t say whether or not it was Russia involved in the hacks, and that he was “taken aback a bit by the somewhat hypervenilation over this. I’m shocked someone did some hacking”. That by the way was Clapper being sarcastic for you liberal idiots out there that don’t know the difference between sarcasm and regular speech.


I think it’s fascinating that while the president, the Democrats’ nominee, and all of the folks in attendance at the Dems’ convention were ready to hang Russia for a crime, the one guy that actually knows what’s going on is taken aback by the over-reaction to this. What this would tell people with half a brain is that it was an “oops moment” for the Democrats. They once again, got caught with their pants down, doing something they shouldn’t have, and they needed to get people’s attention off of the emails and on to something else. I’m really surprised they didn’t claim that Donald Trump himself hacked the emails. Then Hillary and Bobo could have used THAT in their speeches.


This whole past week has shown America that a) Democrats aren’t as “unified” as they wanted us to believe they are; b) they aren’t nearly as moral or ethical as they’d like us to think they are; c) they lie with the same veracity of Hillary Clinton; and d) the only thing they care about is winning the election because they know eight years of Obama goes down the tubes if Hillary loses. It also tells me that you can’t trust them to play by the rules. If you can’t trust them to be fair and honest when it comes to people in their own party, how in hell can you trust them to be fair and honest when it comes to going up against the very people who want to basically wipe the past eight years out of our memories? The answer is, you can’t.


I certainly hope Paul Manafort tells Donald Trump that he’d better start hiring lawyers right now to watch every polling place in America. You can’t trust this crew any farther than you can throw them. They have proven themselves to be dishonest, disreputable, unethical, amoral, and total liars when it comes to fairness and the truth. And all this time I just thought Hillary was that way! Geesh…I need to wake up!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Where Are The Issues?

I get it that conventions are scripted PR stunts. They didn’t used to be that way. They actually used to be exciting to watch because people really weren’t sure who was going to be the nominee. Now it’s a four-day love fest for the person that wins the nomination. And I get it that the nominee wants everything to run super-smooth. But there comes a point when you want to hear substance. Maybe a convention isn’t the place for substance anymore, but it should be.

I’ve been watching the Democrats make fools of themselves all week. I’m totally pissed at the fact I’ve invested hours and hours of my precious time to listen to a bunch of people try and tell me that a woman that has been around 25 years and has lied about everything she’s ever done (which isn’t a lot), is someone that I really don’t know. Tell me WHY. Tell me WHAT she’s going to do and HOW she’s going to do it. Bernie Sanders came closest when he said she was going to give everyone with less than $180,000 household income free college tuition. Wonderful, Bern. Now, who in hell is going to pay for it? Are you telling me you are going to lower the salaries of the college professors? That’ll go over really big with their unions! No, he doesn’t have a way to pay for it because there IS no way to pay for that. Just like there IS no way to forgive all of the student loans out there.

The problem with the whole Democrat playbook is that they aren’t accountable for anything. Their response to everything is to tax the rich. I got news for everybody. You can confiscate 100% of the wealth (not just income) of the rich in this country (defined by O’Bama as $250,000 income or more) and you still wouldn’t have enough money to cover the expenses that Hillary and Bernie want to spend money on. There isn’t enough money to do that. And that becomes the crux of the Democrats’ problem.

Do you wonder why it is the Republicans control more Statehouses and Governors’ mansions than the Democrats? It’s simply because states need to balance budgets and Democrats can’t do it. They are terrible at it. That’s why Dems do so well in Washington. They don’t have to worry about balancing a budget there. They just spend the money on whatever they want, not caring that they are putting our futures at risk.

What I would LOVE to hear from the Democrats is a plan. A REAL plan, not a “Clinton plan” that doesn’t include any details. Hillary is such a policy wonk, I’m sure she has actually thought this stuff through, and she IS after all the smartest woman in the world, at least that’s what we’ve been told, right? Well, show me the money. Come up with both sides of the equation. How are you going to balance the budget? How are you going to make it happen? The answer they come up with is always, “Wave the magic wand”. Sorry. Ain’t good enough.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is It Just For Show?

I get the feeling watching the Democrats on TV that they are putting on a show. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m not naïve enough to believe the GOP didn’t put on an orchestrated program of their own. But the Dems are going all out. What am I talking about?


It’s called “phony unity”.


There seems to be a bigger rift in the Democrat convention than there was in the Republicans. As a casual observer of this stuff, there is a lot of scuttlebutt going around that things aren’t all roses and lollipops with Hillary getting the nomination. Let’s examine, shall we?


We can start with the hacked DNC emails where the heads of the various DNC departments were busy trying to insure that Hillary would be the nominee at all costs…and it just may be at all costs. Second, let’s take a look at the guy that almost unseated her for the nomination…Bernie Sanders. He had the second most “new” voters in the entire election process…Trump beat him out bringing in more new voters to the polls in the primaries, but you can’t dismiss Bernie’s message and his performance. And what is Bernie doing now? Well, after he asked that Hillary become the nominee on the convention floor on Tuesday, he’s backed away from the convention altogether. In fact, he’s backed away from the Democrats altogether. He’s gone back to being an independent. He’s no longer a member of the Democrat party.


Want more juicy tidbits? Rumor has it that the DNC is quietly trying to replace Sanders supporters on the convention floor with paid seat fillers. Actually, it’s not a rumor. It’s at www.infowars.com if you want to take a peek at it for yourself. So the whole “we’re unifying this week behind Hillary” is just a bunch of garbage. Not happening if you talk to anyone that’s actually there and watching closely. Oh, there are a lot of Hillary supporters there, and yes, most Sanders’ supporters will either vote for Hillary or not vote at all, but the fact of the matter is their angst is greater than anything Ted Cruz’ people were displaying at the GOP. I think it’s because Cruz’ people knew long before Sanders’ people did that the ballgame was over.


The whole “unity” thing is being over-blown anyway. Nobody except political junkies really cares about conventions anymore. That’s because they are so scripted, so rehearsed, so planned out that if anything appears to be getting in the way of the script, it’s quickly fixed (like Debbie Wasserman Schultz not being allowed to gavel in the convention or speak at it…they were afraid she’d be booed).


So, while both parties planned and scripted their convention, only the Dems had to go to the extraordinary lengths to make sure the script was fine. And it looks like they were able to achieve it with little blowback from Bernie’s crowd. Of course, the convention isn’t the big show. The big show is about to start…and only one person’s “script” will win.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump Trips Up Clinton…Takes Media Coverage Away from DemCon

Leave it to Donald Trump. Whether you love the guy or hate the guy, you have to admit, he’s a master of manipulation. Last week when the GOP was holding their convention, the biggest controversy was Ted Cruz being booed for not endorsing Trump. This week, Trump himself has interjected himself into the Democrats’ convention and actually stole Day 3 thunder!


With one of the most outlandish comments made in the campaign, the Clinton campaign accused Russia of supplying the damaging DNC emails that were hacked just prior to the convention. Saying that Vladimir Putin wants Trump to be president because he’d be easier to push around is one thing. Proving it? Well, that’s something way out there in the parking lot beyond left field. What made Day 3 so “Trumpesque” was the fact Trump held a news conference asking Russia to go after the 30,000 missing emails.


Hillary’s people immediately pounced, saying it was beneath contempt that a GOP candidate for president would ask a foreign power to commit espionage against a political opponent, and it damaged the national security of the United States. BUT WAIT A MINUTE! I thought the 30,000 emails Hillary deleted were PERSONAL emails about Chelsea’s wedding, and yoga routines. What in hell does that have to do with national security?


It was an obvious trap Trump laid, and the Clinton camp gladly jumped right in. Either those emails were private and personal and had to do with a wedding and yoga, in which case, it had NOTHING to do with national security (meaning the Clintons were wrong with their accusation), or they WEREN’T personal, and WERE work related meaning that Hillary lied to everybody (would she do that?) and actually could be charged with obstruction of justice. Either way you look at it, Hillary’s people are a bunch of idiots for playing right into Donald Trump’s hands on this one!


And so goes the Democrats’ convention. So worried are they that the Bernie Sanders supporters are going to shout “Lock Her Up” during her speech tonight, they over-look the obvious trap that was laid for them. Such idiots.


This on a day when the Real Clear Politics average of polls puts Trump on top of Clinton for the first time. Yes, several polls (including the uber-left leaning CNN poll) have Trump up big…as much as 7 points, but the RCP average of polls takes a while to catch up. It appears Hillary isn’t getting much upside support at her convention and has a LONG way to go before she gets some traction. Gee…who saw that coming?


Don’t worry Democrats…the liberal media is trying their damndest to make sure that this is Hillary’s election. I really doubt they are able to fool the American people this time though.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

John Kerry’s Face Plant Off The Deep End

I certainly don’t mind it if people have a different opinion from me. After all, that’s what makes for interesting conversation. But at least they should try to ground their conversations in reality. Need an example?

John Kerry, who is posing as the country’s Secretary of State currently (didn’t he fight in Vietnam?), is all a-twitter in Vienna where he’s attending a meeting to amend the “Montreal Protocol” which basically said that everything western society does is bad and leads to global warming…er…climate warming….er… global cooling…er…um…something.

And it was while he was at this eco-terrorist conference that Kerry made the really inane statement that air conditioners are as big of a threat to life as ISIS. Yes…you heard right. The mere fact that you take little Jimmy or Joanie to soccer practice in an SUV anymore isn’t enough. Now they are coming after your air conditioning.

That’s the whole reason for Kerry skipping the Democrats’ gathering in Philadelphia and being in Vienna, where the biking is much better than the mean streets of the city of brotherly love. And the amendment that Kerry is making to the “Montreal Protocol” is basically to eliminate hydrofluorocarbons from our life. Oh…and AC wasn’t the only thing Kerry is going after. He’s going after your refrigerators as well. Actually, it won’t be shutting them down. I don’t think even John Kerry is that stupid. But it would be another way for the uber-left wing nuts to tax you for stuff that we’ve been doing for a century and has absolutely no provable consequence on environmental science. Well, at least that is what more and more REPUTABLE scientists are saying.

Of course, the mere fact that that data has also shown that ozone holes in the Antarctic are actually “healing” themselves, and that there is now more Arctic ice than has been around for centuries lends to theories that the earth is actually in a “cool-down” mode. Of course, the nay-sayers and eco-terrorists will have to poo-poo this because if they actually came out and said that global warming doesn’t exist (it does…it’s just not man made) then their whole theory goes out the window.

As I’ve said countless times before, and the funny thing is, I’ve actually debated meteorologists on this and they can’t refute it…neither can science…the earth has been around a lot longer than humans have been. Before we ever were created or crawled from the slime (whatever your evolutionary position is), there was a warming and cooling cycle with the earth. It wasn’t man-made then because we didn’t have SUV’s and we didn’t have refrigeration or air conditioning. We also didn’t have the jets that John Kerry uses to fly all over the world espousing his pollution BS. So, if the earth, all on its own warmed and cooled on its own, what’s to say that it isn’t doing exactly that now? Answer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is nothing more than a money and power grab by the left to gain more control over the lives of those of us living on earth. No more no less. Sorry John….you can amend any protocol you want. You don’t matter anymore.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Did Sanders’ Run Prove?

13659012_10210437068790130_5495009535373453216_nI didn’t waste a lot of time sifting through Democrats’ gobbledygook so far in this convention. We know who the nominee is going to be so watching the actual delegates and super delegates vote on it is a waste of time. And frankly, watching Michelle (one of the Butt Sisters) O’Bama, though I hear she did a nice job, is actually stomach turning. Elizabeth Warren’s speech should take her down a notch or two as all she did was recite Democrat platitudes. And Cory Booker was WAY too long, and WAY too boring. I wanted to see Bernie…and I wanted to see the crowd’s reaction to Bernie.

I came away wondering what he got out of all of this. He spent a year becoming famous (let’s face it…he WASN’T very well known before he started his run), and what did he actually accomplish? Well, he got them talking about lowering the number of super delegates by 2/3 which is something. Other than that, not much. Oh, he got some planks put in the party platform, but whoever follows that? His followers booed him on the streets of Philadelphia when he said that Hillary HAD to be elected president. HAD to? Like this is Russia? No, Bernie…we STILL have a choice in this country!

The longer Bernie talked, the more I thought of one phrase to describe him. Sell-out. He sold out his principles and his values because he lost. And he had so much that he could have said. Did the DNC’s rigging of the nomination actually cost him the nomination? I’m not so sure it would have, but it could have. After all, he has 46% of the delegates at the convention. Did it make 5% difference? Who knows!?

Bernie Sanders totally sold out to someone that he himself has said countless times is unqualified to become president. That’s a pretty powerful statement, and one that is impossible to walk back. What it does is ruin any credibility you’ve got when you start backing that person for president. What does it say when an “unqualified person” beats you so badly for the nomination? It says you never should have run in the first place.

No, there are a lot of folks out there like Al Franken, and Susan Sarandon, and the like that adore Bernie Sanders. He can now go off and die in peace knowing he’ll get a front page obituary in the New York Times, but he dies a failure. He dies like Mitt Romney and John McCain and Jimmy Carter and Barack O’Bama all will die…a total and complete failure. The only difference is, Carter and O’Bama actually convinced enough people to vote for them that they won! Of course, running against some of the weakest candidates in Republican history (McCain and Romney for O’Bama and Ford for Carter) actually helped quite a bit.

I’m not sure who will win in November at this point. Trump got quite a bounce in the CNN poll (10 points), and who knows what shenanigans Hillary has yet to pull or that we will find out about and what trite Trump will come up with on the campaign trail. But so far…the Democrats’ “Unity Convention” is a load of blather.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Little Debbie Initiates The Controversy At Democrat’s Convention

Aw, come on…we all knew Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would be guilty of SOMETHING in her political career, right? I mean, she’s a) not that smart and b) VERY partisan to the point of being nauseating. Well, she managed to upstage the Arkansas Princess on her big week, even before the week gets started. She’s stepping down as DNC Chair.

It really comes as no surprise to anyone. After all, Bernie Sanders had said for months that one of his top priorities would be to replace Wasserman-Schultz as DNC Chair, and apparently, Hillary listened. We all know the Clintons have a long history of throwing their friends and allies under the bus. And Little Debbie should have learned that lesson, but alas…that would require intelligence lacking in her curly haired little head.

What did her is was actually a WikiLeaks article that basically showed the DNC conspired to throw the nomination to Hillary and do everything they could think of to dump on Sanders. It was as if he knew about it all along! How about that? Basically, those Saturday midnight debates held in a cow pasture in rural Idaho? Yeah…that was Little Debbie. She planned all of the stuff so that Hillary wouldn’t be shown to a lot of people and have to come across as anything but the princess that she thinks she is. And it’s just the beginning of the week!

Word from Philadelphia is that Bernie’s supporters aren’t happy with his caving on several issues that they felt were deal-breakers. They also were very unhappy that Hillary would go with a moderate as a choice for Vice President. Tim Kaine, the one-time Governor from Virginia, and also a Senator from that state makes Hillary look awe-inspiring in comparison. But he has some problems with the far left of his party that actually could cause more embarrassment for the Clinton camp. The news reports are saying that the Sanders supporters are thinking of putting a name of a much more liberal person into nomination for Vice President, setting up a lengthy, albeit meaningless showdown. Sanders’ folks apparently don’t know the meaning of the words, “You lost!” But alas, they did, and usually losers don’t get to win much, if anything, at these conventions. If they do get something like a prime-time speaking slot (like Ted Cruz did at the GOP), it’s extremely rare that they have the ability to not endorse the candidate…or embarrass the candidate in some other way.

I think personally, it’d be very interesting if the Democrats made more of a controversial week out of it than what Donald Trump did with the GOP. At least with the Republicans I could say, “Well, that’s Donald being Donald!” With Hillary, everything has to be scripted so tightly I’m surprised anything doesn’t run 100% on time!! Of course, it won’t, but that’s her expectation.

Oh…and by the way. Just in case you happen to be poll watchers…Trump has opened up his biggest lead of the campaign over Clinton. CNN’s latest poll shows Trump with a 6 point bounce after his convention and has opened up a 5 point lead over Clinton…and that INCLUDES both Johnson and Stein! And if that weren’t enough to begin your week, one of the newest converts happens to be a guy by the name of Malik Obama…yes…it’s Bobo’s half-brother who says he’s had it with his half-brothers’ scatter brained ideas. He’s voting for Trump!
Carry on world…you’re dismissed!