Lynch Caves!

In almost a move of desperation, Loretta Lynch said early Friday that she would accept whatever the FBI ended up recommending in the Hillary Clinton email scandal investigation. This comes amid wild speculation that there was some sort of deal worked out here in the desert this past week, as former president Bill Clinton boarded Lynch’s private jet and had a conversation with the Attorney General.

Lynch quickly tried to tamp down conspiracy rumors, saying that Clinton “primarily talked about grandchildren and golf”, and that the on-going investigation into his wife didn’t come up. But that wasn’t enough. Even David Axelrod, who isn’t the most staunch conservative on the planet tweeted that though he believed Lynch and Clinton didn’t conspire about the Hillary case, the optics were terrible. And they were.

Republicans were quick to jump on this as another Obama move to cement a legacy that is built on quicksand. And Lynch did her damndest to say she would go so far as to recuse herself from the case, leaving the decision to underlings. That wasn’t enough. She basically had to say, it’s now James Comey’s call. If he finds there is enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton, the DOJ will indeed do so. That is a stumbling block that needed to be removed a LONG time ago, and I for one, am very happy to see that Lynch at least felt the pressure to make the move now, before the decision is reached.

I don’t think anyone questions Comey’s reputation. He’s bucked Republicans and Democrats alike in his career and cares more about the truth than politics, which is exactly what’s needed in this whole affair. At stake is the presidency. Now, I know that may seem rash to liberals who don’t believe Hillary could ever do anything wrong, but trust me. If the FBI comes out with a referral to indict, it is the worst thing that could happen to the presumptive Democrat nominee.

And all indications are that yes, the FBI is going to come out with some sort of referral to indict. It may not be the gut-wrenching blow that the Republicans want, but there is enough evidence there that suggests that Hillary was complicit in violating several federal laws, and that needs to go to trial. It’s a much different situation than any of the other Secretaries of State because of the fact that neither David Petraeus or Condoleeza Rice ever put a personal email server in their residence. That is going to be the big difference in this case versus using a private email account.

What do the Democrats do at this point? What can they do? They have to nominate someone at their convention within the next month. If the FBI referral comes out prior to that, it could make room for Joe Biden to sweep in and take the nod. Or Bernie Sanders, who still hasn’t officially dropped out of the race, could vault to the front. Remember…Hillary needs those Super Delegates to win the nomination. If she loses them, she loses the nomination altogether. And yes…that is the fat lady warming up in the background!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Without a doubt Lynch should have shut willy down immediately it disgusts me slick willy was able to possibly present lynch with some words she may have given some merit but I was glad to see today she understood how the situation was viewed by people truly paying attention because many of us truly believe the fix is in…She should have kicked his ass all the way down the tarmac

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