Is Hillary Toast Either Way?

It really hasn’t been a very good week for Hillary Clinton. Her hubby stepped in a deep pile of dog droppings again as he boarded Attorney General, Loretta Lynch’s private jet at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix this week. Of course, we all believe that Bill only wanted to talk to the AG about grandchildren, golf and travel. He didn’t want to press the case for not indicting Hillary. After all, that would be wrong!

Then of course, you’ve got Loretta coming clean about the meeting, and swearing that there was nothing wrong with it! Of course not. Even though some of this country’s staunchest Democrats swore that the optics were terrible and could hurt Clinton’s chances this fall. And then Lynch decides to recuse herself from any decision, saying she’ll accept whatever the FBI has to say about it. Then she back-steps a bit and says that what she meant to say was the FBI and “career prosecutors” that she’d appoint to take her place in the indictment merry-go-round. Then, she came full circle in announcing that she’d have the final say after all. Huh? Which is it, Loretta?

And then you have the Arkansas Princess herself showing up at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC to be interviewed for a whopping 3 ½ hours over the email scandal. Rumors started circulating that the FBI was going to wave the magic wand and give Hillary a pass, and that was the reason Loretta Lynch said what she said…then thought better of it after a call from Obama.

Here’s what we know. There are three scenarios that can play out. The first is, the FBI comes out and says that after 152 special agents have spent the last 14 months and millions of taxpayer dollars looking into the email scandal, and the Clinton Foundation and their influence peddling, that they couldn’t find anything that was wrong. That’s option one. It’s a clean skate for Hillary.

Option two is a little rougher on Hillary. The FBI comes out and says they are referring her for criminal indictment on several charges…you pick the number. But the “career prosecutors” at the Department of Justice don’t have the balls to go against either Lynch or Obama, and they say there isn’t enough there to prosecute, and Hillary skates.

Option three is the death blow for Hillary. The FBI comes out and says they are referring her for criminal indictment on several charges, and the “career prosecutors” agree and actually indict Hillary.

If any of the above option happens, what do you think will happen to Hillary’s chances of being elected president? Do you think they will go up, stay the same, or go down? Here’s my take:

Option one: They go down. The nation is already in a mood of not trusting the government. This would be one more display of corruption in government. After all, regardless what the FBI says, everybody, including a majority of Democrats believe that Hillary has lied about the email scandal and is guilty. She’s already been found guilty in a court of public opinion. In this option, the Department of Justice, AND the FBI both suffer losses to their reputation that could be irreversible.

Option two: They go down. Same reason as above, except the fact that Obama is seen as being behind this one. It’s a totally political move, and while the FBI can be upset and mad, they keep their reputation intact. The DOJ however loses all credibility.

Option three: Government credibility goes up. Hillary’s career is over. Period. If it happens after the Democrats have their convention at the end of the month, all hell breaks loose.

There you have it. Hillary is dead meat regardless what happens. As Rush Limbaugh said this past week, it very well may be that the Clinton’s have used up their nine lives and have to answer for their wrong doings!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Is Hillary Toast Either Way?

  1. Doesn’t matter, because if Lynch and Willie, did talk about his grandchildren, then Lynch must recuse herself because Willie’s child by the union with Hillary, is under FBI criminal investigation with the Clinton Foundation. Talk about other sired children, then there’s no problem.

  2. I believe her pass she seems to have gotten makes Obama. liar for the umpteenth time the man is just a hack nothing more and I think the decision not to charge her may really fire up people that do not want Hillary in the white house just to make it known I never trusted Lynch simply because Obama wanted her so bad. Obama has placed Hillary above the law exactly what he said we could not have anybody above the law! His legacy will now be one of a lawless president who engaged in an attempted cover up of how our American brothers died in vane in Benghazi This whole story stinks of political corruption.

    • And you wonder why “outsiders” like Trump and Sanders (even though he’s been a career politician) did so well this year? I think its painfully obvious!

  3. By the way yes I am still stuck on Benghazi because Hillary skated there on 4 deaths and lied to the families then called them liars Hillary needs to fry for this.

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