What Would The Founders Say?

It’s the Fourth of July, a day set aside to celebrate our independence from England some 240 years ago. And while we will revel in the beer, the hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, the pool parties and billions of firecrackers, cherry bombs, and Roman candles, I stop for a minute and ask a stupid question:

What would our founders think of our country today?

Personally, I think they’d want to blow it up and start over again. Can you imagine Alexander Hamilton agreeing with Barack Obama? What about John Adams going toe to toe with Bernie Sanders? And how would Thomas Jefferson react to Hillary Clinton’s foibles? Frankly, I think if they knew, they never would have found The United States of America.

I look at the way the Supreme Court, and courts in general have swerved out of interpreting the constitution and its meaning, to writing laws from the bench. I can’t figure out for the life of me where these judges come up with some of these rulings. God knows, they aren’t listed anywhere in the constitution. Liberals will tell you it’s a “living, breathing” document. Uh, sorry, but I have a really hard time buying that crap. Living and breathing may be ok, but the document hasn’t turned socialist in the last 200 years. Something else has…and it stinks.

We have gone from electing men of high societal standing and intelligence to electing people because of the color of their skin or their gender. We’ve gone from doing the right thing for the majority of people to doing whatever we can to protect the weakest in society. I’m not saying that’s necessarily wrong. I AM saying that’s not the role of government. ANY government. We’ve gone from welcoming immigrants who want to come to America so they can take part in the Great American Dream, to wanting to shut our borders down because of all the criminals and terrorists that are trying to get here to either kill us or at the very least take advantage of us.

We’ve gone from a nation of law and order, to a nation where chaos and mayhem are the rule of law. We have gone from a peaceful nation to one where over 370 people have died on the streets of one city because of gunfire…in a city that outlaws most guns and most gun purchases…how does that happen? We’ve gone from a society where marriage was viewed as a sacred bond between a man, a woman, and a loving and caring God, to a society where anybody can marry almost anything and we have to be accepting of it. We’ve gone from a society where if you are born a male or a female, you don’t have to be that. It’s your choice, not God’s.

We’ve gone from a society that used to love the land to one that over-protects it. We now cherish the pink-spotted wombat bird of northwest North Dakota over the people that live there to the point that we will take food out of those peoples’ mouths if they dare to harm the bird. And we’ve gone from a responsible society that creates laws based on logic and sound thinking to one based on pure emotion and how much we can make our people cry out for change.

No, our founding fathers would not be happy with today’s America. I’m not sure if either presidential candidate can change it for the better. I certainly know of one that can’t. And not only will we become morally bankrupt if that person gets elected…we will be physically bankrupt as well.

God help us! And Happy Fourth of July!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!