Can Obama Really Help Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is going to be getting some help today from Barack Obama. Oh, it’s not what you think. He’s not telling Loretta Lynch not to indict her. Hell, he’s probably already done that. No, the president is going to hit the campaign trail with Hillary by his side. It’s a rather stark contrast to eight years ago when he kicked her ass all over the country in the primary before making her Secretary of State and paying off her campaign debts.

But will it help? That’s the big question. Obama has a habit of loving to get out on the campaign trail and campaigning for people. His problem is that his record of helping those folks out pretty much sucks. He and Hillary both diddy-bopped around the country campaigning for various senate candidates two years ago, and both Hillary and Bobo got their ass handed to them in pretty much every election. Now, a lot of that was the Republicans were destined to take over the Senate, and were pretty much going to because of Obama’s record of failure and flatulence. But he really hasn’t had much success of campaigning for others. He does alright when he campaigns for himself…but when someone else’s name is on the ballot, he falters a lot.

And so does Hillary. Think of it. She’s been in a total of four elections now; two running for senator from New York (she won both), and now two for president (she lost the first one in the primaries). So she is batting .500, which ain’t bad until you think that she had just come off the first lady thing with Bill Clinton and was running in arguably the most liberal state in the country. Add to the fact Rudy Giuliani had pulled himself out of the campaign and who did she beat anyway? You get my point!

But in this endeavor, having Obama campaign for you is kind of like asking Richard Nixon to help you out after Watergate. Bobo is not that strong among independents and certainly not with Republicans. Oh, he’s strong in the black community, but Hillary doesn’t need help there. She needs help with the blue collar white male voter that is cascading over to Donald Trump. That voter for years has been the mainstay of the Democrats. Granted, they are becoming a minority to that Latinos, but they are still a very important part of a presidential election. Add to that the fact that a lot of the Dems that are flipping to Trump (up to 22% in one poll) are union members and that adds more frustration for the Dems.

Hillary is getting a lot of union endorsements, but the rank and file and lining up behind Trump. That means while she’ll get some campaign donations, she won’t get the votes. That’s what matters.

No, I don’t think Barack Obama campaigning for Hillary is going to win her any votes. I still think the American voter is smart enough to realize that if Donald Trump wins in November, everything Obama thinks he’s accomplished over the last eight years goes out the window…pretty much with a stroke of a pen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!