So Now What?

The head of the FBI came out yesterday and told America two things. First of all, though Hillary Clinton was totally inept and corrupt as a manager of the State Department in her four years there, he wasn’t going to refer her to the Justice Department for indictment. And he also told America that there are two sets of laws in this country. Those for the haves, and those for the have nots. So, where does that leave us, and where does that leave Hillary?

Well, for the government, it leaves Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump’s argument that “the system is rigged” still alive and kicking. Comey did absolutely nothing to disprove that notion that both guys coming from opposite ends of the political spectrum had the same idea…and they were both right. The reason is simple. Last year, there was a Navy officer that took classified documents home with him. He never showed them to anybody, he just took them home with him when he shouldn’t have. His career was over. He’s a have-not, and he was punished severely for his problems. Hillary Clinton did more than that…she had a home-brew server in her house (something David Petraeus didn’t have by the way), and she got away with not even a slap on the wrist.

What that tells us is, the FBI has no credibility. If you get nailed on a federal charge, most likely being a have-not, you’re going to prison. If you happen to be powerful or have lots of money, you can skate better than Tai Babalonia. And Comey did one more thing. He gave Loretta Lynch the reprieve she sought in not having to take the fall on this one. After all, who wants to be the fulcrum point in historical decisions? It happened to John Roberts when he was the deciding vote on Obamacare. He didn’t want to be in that position, and now it’s happened to James Comey, who also did not want to be the fulcrum. I’m just glad the guys that founded this country didn’t have the same lack of courage to do the right thing…we never would have been founded.

Where does that leave Hillary? Well, legally it leaves her in the clear. Politically is another thing. The cloud of taint will hang over her head forever. Yes, for the Democrats who love her, they will sing from the mountaintops that she has been vindicated. But for the other 62% of Americans, they will always look at that family as one that gets away with garbage time and time again. Laws don’t apply to them. And that’s not an enviable position to be in during an election year where one of the huge campaign slogans from both sides was “the system is rigged”. You don’t think Donald Trump is going to pound her to a pulp on this one? It’s going to be the centerpiece of everything he says and does. And it should be.

Overall, Hillary’s actions were contemptable and despicable. Legal? Maybe. But righteous? Nope. Not even close. One hopes that the wheels of justice grind slowly and very fine on this one!


4 thoughts on “So Now What?

  1. Reblogged this on basharrs outpost .Great post honestly it kicked ass because you said exactly what a lot of us are feeling We simply cannot get a break under the leadership of this administration and its lap-dogs! and if Hillary gets the win we are in for another 4 to 8 years of American distruction

  2. Well Desert, what I believed about Republicans has come to pass, they are a bunch petulant whiny two year olds who scream bloody murder if they do not get their way. Actually they are whiny little bitches.

    So, for months these yutzes spewed how the criminal investigation by the FBI was going to be impartial and they blathered how Hillary was going to be indicted, including your imaginary FBI friend. Then the Attorney General states that she will go along with what ever the FBI states. Then the golden boy of the Repubs states on TV that they will not be referring any charges, Whoa Nellie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hillary walks and the Republicans are seriously pissed. Now these jackals are investigating the investigation. All they got from an FBI investigation lasted over a year is the Director saying no charges and a rant about e-mails with no context and speculation over whether the system was hacked.

    If you think I am enjoying this, you are absolutely correct!!! Trey Goudy’s evil twin spawn, Jason Heffetz wants to question Comey plus another bunch of back bench chairmen who want face time on CSPAN.

    So let’s sum up the past two weeks, we have no idea how much the Benghazi committee and this e-mail investigation cost the tax payers and all we got for our money was an 800 page report on Benghazi that cleared Clinton, so last fall’s show was that, a show with Trey Goudy doing his best parrot imitation by answering press questions by saying “read the report, awk!, read the report.” Then they icing on the cake, FBI says no charges. So the Republicans are 0 for 2 on this scandal thing. EXCELLENT!

    As for the Republican presumptive nominee, his campaign is off the rails, he foams at the mouth and says the same shit and will not listen to the pro’s advice. The convention should be an absolute train wreck. How cool is that?

    Have fun storming the castle!

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