Eco Terrorists Proven Wrong Again!

Don’t you just love it when these eco-terrorist idiots like Al Gore and Bobo Obama who think that if we don’t start charging exorbitant rates for “carbon credits”, we’re going to melt all of the ice caps and watch polar bears floating by on ice bergs in Jamaica? Well, they are wrong. And apparently, there are a growing number of scientists actually studying the situation that say we don’t have a damn thing to do with it.

Imagine that! A guy like me, with only high school biology and chemistry and one semester of college astronomy under his belt is able to debate and win against the likes of the world’s greatest climatologists! Apparently that’s the case. And it’s all because of something called Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). That’s the deep seeded thing that drives ocean currents. And about every 1500 years or so, it reverses itself, sending the cold water north and the warm water south. Then it reverses back again. It’s pretty much like what happens with our weather!

And the funny thing is, they’ve found that when we dig into the ice in Iceland and Greenland, we learn that ice ages don’t just come as one big freeze. It’s a LONG period of time where there is warming and freezing. And the amazing finding in all of this…these scientists have discovered that we aren’t going through a period of “global warming”. No…in fact we’re going through a period of…wait for it….wait for it…global cooling! That’s right. Man doesn’t have a damn thing to do with anything regarding this changing of temperature crap that Al Gore likes to talk about. And sorry, Obama, but apparently, the science isn’t settled…the debate isn’t over…period. It’s pretty much raging.

Which is what I’ve said for eons on this topic. You cannot say that Mother Earth is incapable of healing herself. She has done so with forces millions of times more violent and destructive than anything little ol’ man can come up with. She has the force of millions of atomic weapons and can unleash the fury at a moment’s notice and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. And the remarkable thing is, she can also heal herself after such an escapade. Yes, she can warm herself and make a temperate zone a blazing desert, and she can cool herself and make the world’s hottest hot spot filled with miles of ice. And man doesn’t have a damn thing to do with it. Imagine that! All this time, we’ve been led to believe by these eco-terrorists that driving Johnny to his soccer game in our SUV’s was going to mean huge holes in the ozone layer (which by the way is “healing” in the South Pole).

Now, I’m not an advocate of just running out there and polluting the world, don’t get me wrong. I’m for saving the earth as much as anybody. I just take a common sense, no-fear-mongering approach to the whole thing and realize that we’re just the visitors here and we need to be shepherds of what we’ve been given, but we don’t have a lot of say of what goes on. That’s a myth that has been perpetrated by those eco-terrorists who are out for two things…power and money. Give into them on this, and you’ve given into them on everything!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Eco Terrorists Proven Wrong Again!

  1. Well Desert, to start, Rifleman’s statement about oil shows what a clueless idiot he is or knows nothing about science or both. But that’s not the point of this response, rather it is your continued ignorance concerning climate change or for you global warming.

    I congratulate you on your science courses as I had to drop astronomy in college as I thought we would look at stars and stuff like that, rather than mathematical equations on celestial mechanics. Dropped the course after the first lecture thinking a crappy grade is the last thing I need. Although mathematically challenged, I had biology and chemistry in high school and had physics, inorganic and organic chemistry, biology (those were required) and took physiology and weather (my substitute for astronomy) as electives. I don’t remember much from physics, other than it involved math and I barely got out alive, but I do remember a discussion on Newton’s laws of thermodynamics. One is counterintuitive as it says that heating is a cooling process and cooling is a heating process, something about the exchange of hot and cold as an ice cube melts, the air around it is cold.

    Weather which is short term and climate which is long term, think 100+ years reveals how the climate is changing by burning fossil fuels. Graphs reveal that since the Industrial Revolution in the early to mid 1800’s which was based on the burning of coal, temperatures have continued to rise. When in the late 1800’s and through the 1900’s when both coal and oil powered industry and essentially everything else, temperatures really increased, geometrically, most because of the automobile. The carbon released by coal and oil are double or triple any other fuel. Don’t take my word for it, take the renowned astrophysicist Eric DeGrasse Tyson. He can provide a more in depth explanation. The best point I can make is the Artic ice is shrinking and the ocean has absorbed so much carbon that it is quickly turning into carbolic acid and is also retaining huge amounts of heat. Case in point, sharks are closer to shore because their food is closer to shore. Climate change has a domino effect which the aforementioned is one case, the other is how our weather has changed the past fifty years, stronger storms, more drought,
    unbalance of the seasons.

    BTW, the carbon tax thing you yelped about was proposed by Republicans in the 1990’s. As for the “scientists your mentioned, who are they, where are they and who funds them? If they are from the Heartland Institute in Chicago, they are paid frauds. Over 97% of climate scientists say climate change is real, generally that closes the book on the argument. So, if you are looking for a road trip with the grandkids back in the Midwest, go see that stupid ark in Kentucky where the admission is $40 a head and learn how the earth is 6,000 years old and see caged dinosaurs that supposedly rode with Noah. Built by a religious bozo and a climate change denier.

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