Here’s The Skinny On November…

There is a very telling statistic that should give you all you need to know as far as who will win the presidency in November. It just came out in Drudge that while the Republicans voting in the primary this year were up 62% over 2012, while the Democrats voting in the primary were down 21%. That is what you call a very telling statistic.

It’s telling because it says a lot about the excitability factor, which is the reason Mitt Romney couldn’t beat Bobo Obama in 2012. He did not excite the base and so, they didn’t get out and vote for him. In fact, if just 7% more Republicans had actually gone to the polls in 2012, Romney would have beaten Obama.

Want some more telling news? The last time Hillary ran in 2008, she received 1, 019,237 more votes losing to Obama than she did this year, beating Sanders. You would figure since this was her coronation year, she would have actually gotten more votes, right? The problem is, she’s a lousy candidate. She makes all sorts of mistakes, and the only thing that could possibly save her is that she’s running against someone with absolute no political savvy. Even though Trump has never, EVER held political office, never even run for political office, he’s even to slightly ahead in most polls now. And that’s before the FBI referral announcement. Of course, Bill is doing all he can to make sure Trump wins, going so far as to hold private meetings with the Attorney General “to talk about grandchildren, golf and travel”. Right!

The whole basis of the GOP and Bernie Sanders popularity is based on one thing. People on both sides of the aisle are pissed off at the establishment and are ready to overthrow the government. If it doesn’t happen at the ballot box, it’ll happen in other ways…but all in all, the Bernie Sanders supporters are not going to be supporting Hillary in the same way that the 16 mini-mouse candidates from the GOP are going to line up behind Trump. Only 55% of Sanders supporters are going to be voting for Hillary and a whopping 22% are going to switch parties and vote for Trump. Trump is getting 62% of the mini-mouse supporters, while only 12% are going to vote for Hillary. And Trump’s base is excited. Hillary is still not drawing anywhere near the crowds that Trump is. Reason? She’s not a people person, she’s a policy wonk. It’s hard to draw an interested crowd of low-information voters when you’re talking numbers, and that’s all she’s doing (other than trying to bash Trump).

Overall, it’s pretty clear. I’m not saying Hillary CAN’T win in November…I’m saying it’s an extreme uphill battle for her. She has a lot to overcome, credibility, trustworthiness, honesty, history, and the fact she’s a poor candidate. All the money in the world won’t help you when you’ve got that much going against you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


One thought on “Here’s The Skinny On November…

  1. Well Desert, the Drudge Report, really? Where do dig up these sources and you have only one? Why not the Moonie rag Washington Times with their reactionary spin on everything.

    While what Drudge reported may be true, it is not necessarily accurate. Your analysis based on this is dream land and here’s why. It isn’t necessarily new Republicans, but rather people who were already Republicans. Simply put, the Republican primary called on the same gene pool but not necessarily an enlarged gene pool.

    As for Bernie voters, they, for the most part, see through Il Duce of Orange Blowhole’s policies, especially on taxes which does nothing for them. I see where Bernie is coming out next week to endorse Hillary and I imagine that he will lay out a cogent argument on that. I expect that Hillary will receive a substantial portion of that vote.

    As for Il Duce and clown car he ran against in the primary, still not even close enough to be competitive in November. He needs roughly 63 million votes to be competitive and if he has every one who voted for him plus 62% of the clown car, that should give him around 30 to 35 million which is not nearly enough. If he receives 22% of Bernie voters, he still is in the 40’s to maybe the low 50’s. Good Night Felicia! Couple this with he has no ground game a/k/a Get out The Vote and is looking at Hillary’s tail lights in the distance on fund raising, he is toast, actually incinerated toast, like a Buddhist monk in Saigon circa 1964 toast. Romney’s loss should be a lesson to Il Duce, Obama had triple the field offices, twice as many volunteers and voters roll analysis who they needed to vote. Romney and the Republicans were out organized by a community organizer. I believe that qualifies as irony.

    So it is pretty clear that unless he gets his act together, which is not likely, he is headed for a first class ream job. I’m not saying he cannot win, but he stands a better chance of losing.

    Looks like Newt is in the lead for the VP slot. A lot of family values between these two, six marriages, four divorces and the current wives are manikins.
    I see the Republicans in Congress are imitating the referees from the 1972 Olympic basketball final on e-mails. Nice to see FBI Director Comey stick it to Jason Heffitz during his testimony. Chances of charges on lying to Congress and successfully prosecuting, slim. Good Night Felicia!

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